How to Deal with These Worst Possible Travel Scenarios

Murphy’s Law applies all over the world. No matter how much we plan ahead for our holidays, there is always a chance that something disastrous could happen that we will not expect. Here are tips on how to deal with worst case travel scenarios if they happen to you.

How to Deal with Worst Case Travel Scenarios


How to Deal with Worst Case Travel Scenarios: Theft

Getting your belongings stolen can really ruin your trip, especially when you are left stranded without money or a passport. If you have been mugged or pickpocketed, report the incident immediately to the police station so that they can get started on tracking down your suspect.

The next step is to find your home country’s embassy. Your embassy will be able to help you contact your family so that they can send you emergency money to get you back home. Of course, it is best to do everything you can to prevent your money being stolen in the first place. You can do this by wearing a money belt close to your body, not carrying large amounts of money, and staying away from dangerous areas.

Natural Disaster

What if the region you are travelling is hit by an earthquake, tsunami, or hurricane? The first thing to do is to be prepared. Take photocopies of your passport and travel documents, and have an electronic backup as well.

Research the possible risks for the country you are travelling to, such as whether it frequently experiences hurricanes or earthquakes. Always buy travel insurance, and check to make sure that the policy covers natural disasters. When you arrive, familiarize yourself with the hotel’s disaster plan and evacuation procedure. If a disaster does occur, listen to the property managers and follow their directions.

How to Deal with Worst Case Travel Scenarios: Surf, Storm, Cyclone,Hurricane

Illness or Injury

How to Deal with Worst Case Travel Scenarios: Illness or Injury

When you travel, your body can be exposed to bacteria and viruses that you are not used to, and you can fall ill. When you become sick on holiday in a first world country it is simply a matter of your illness ruining your fun, but if you are in a third world country there are many illnesses there that we are not aware of and which can be fatal or permanently damaging. One of the best ways to prevent this is to ensure that you are up to date with all vaccinations before you travel.

Always have travel medical insurance, or your foreign hospital bills could end up costing you a fortune. Be sure to follow all safety procedures when participating in sports and extreme activities while on holiday to reduce the risk of injury.

Hopefully your travels all go well and the fear of a disaster should never stop you from travelling the world. However, if you ever find yourself in one of these unfortunate disaster situations at least you will be prepared and know how to deal with worst case travel scenarios.

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