5 Hotel Survival Tips for the Business Traveler

If you travel for business, you very well may spend a considerable amount of time in hotels. There are steps you can take to keep your stays in hotels safe, healthy, and pleasant. Indeed, there are five primary hotel survival tips that you should keep in mind when you travel for business.

Hotel Survival Tips

Hotel Survival Tips For Business Travelers

Keep It Safe

If you are like many people who travel for business, you may never really feel like your safety is at risk on your hotel. Odds are that you will not experience any real issue while staying at a reputable hotel. Nonetheless, negative things can and do happen from time to time in hotels. There are some tips to bear in mind when it comes to ensuring your safety in a hotel while on a business trip.

Ideally, stay in a hotel that has the latest security options. These include electronic room door locks that automatically change combinations. Select a property that maintains elevators that require key entry in order to access guest floors.

The most secure rooms in a hotel are those with an interior entrance above the ground floor. Rooms located on the fourth through the sixth floors are ideal in a hotel. These rooms are high enough that they are not accessible to burglars. These rooms are low enough that they can be reached by fire truck ladder.

You also need to take care during the check-in process. If the desk clerk happens to say your room number out loud, discreetly ask for a different room. Ask the clerk to write the number down. In fact, this is the standard practice at hotels in this day and age.

Once reaching your room, and before you do anything else, make sure all of the locks work. Immediately hang the do not disturb sign on your door. Keep the sign displayed throughout your entire stay to leave the impression that your room is occupied.

Keep It Clean

Hotel Survival Tips

Odds are that your hotel room will look clean. But, you must keep in mind that looks can and usually are deceptive when it comes to cleanliness of hotel room. Even at the best hotels, germs of different types can be lurking. These can include serious germs like cold viruses, e coli, staph, and MRSA.

In order to best protect yourself against these germs, bring along on your trip a travel-size packet of antibacterial wipes. In the alternative, bring along hand sanitizer that you can squirt onto a washcloth. Using these tools, you can sanitize different areas in the room on your own. These include doorknobs, light switches, the telephone, alarm clock, ice bucket and the television remote control. You will want to give bathroom a thorough wipe down as well. This includes all surfaces in the bathroom.

Look out for Bedbugs

You need to do your best to check the bed for the presence of bedbugs. Begin by examining the sheets to see if there are any reddish-brown spots. These spots can be evidence of bedbugs. Remove the bedspread all together and do not use it. The bedspread likely is not washed more than every two to three months. Pillows likely are washed as infrequently as the bedspread. You may want to pack along your own pillow to avoid using the ones provided by the hotel.

Do not drink from glasses or coffee mugs in the room until you have cleaned them yourself. Glasses and mugs likely have not been sterilized, if they have been washed at all. These hotel survival tips will surely keep you away from bacteria and getting sick on your trip.

Bring Your Own Hotspot

Your hotel is likely to offer WiFi, of course. However, many properties charge a fairly heft amount to access WiFi. In addition, a hotel’s WiFi can go down and you are best served having a backup. Therefore, you are wise to make sure you have access to a personal hotspot. Typically, your smartphone will come complete with a personal hotspot.

Get Out of Your Room

Many people traveling for business tend to hole up in their rooms between work-related meetings, events, activities, and functions. A hotel survival trip is to get out of your hotel and engage in some leisure activities. These need not be complicated or time-consuming. For example, rather than order room service, find a local bistro and have a relaxing meal.

By employing these hotel survival tips, you truly will enhance your safety and health. In addition, you will have a more enjoyable time on a business trip. You will be in a better frame of mind during your business trip. A better frame of mind, a healthier attitude, will ensure that your business trip is more productive and successful overall.

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