Hotel Room Workouts for the Travel Aficionado

One of the easiest things to make is an excuse; particularly when it comes to buckling up and breaking a good sweat doing hotel room workouts. Skipping workouts becomes even more convenient when you’re travelling; as the number of excuses you tell yourself increases exponentially when you’re away from home. There’s the ‘I don’t have all the necessary workout gear’, the ‘this hotel doesn’t have a gym or the gym is lousy and crowded’ and of course, the finest excuse of all – ‘I’m too tired from all the sightseeing and want to preserve my energy for everything I have planned for this trip”.

Hotel Room Workouts for the Travel Aficionado

If you’re an avid exerciser who is truly mindful of their body, you are well-aware that none of these things you tell yourself hold water. First of all, exercise is proven to increase energy levels and boost both immunity and mood, and all of this is essential for a pleasurable and fulfilling trip. When you want to get the most of your travels, the last thing you need is to be dragging around the city with a sullen face and a low battery. You need all the strength and good spirits you can get. Therefore, taking the time to complete an invigorating workout routine can only do you good.

As for the other two excuses, the solution is simple – no gym, no problem. There are amazing hotel room workouts you can do in your very own space. What makes them even more amazing is the fact that they can be pulled off even in the tiniest of spaces and with absolutely no equipment at all. Read on, take notes and remember this routine for your next exciting trip.

Hotel Room Workouts, time to get physical
Excuse time is over – it’s time to get physical

Hotel room workouts to help you stay fit on the road

Getting your heart rate up

Let’s start with some good cardio – yes, you definitely can do cardio in a small hotel room. Of course, before you begin, make sure to pack a pair of great gym shoes – these are essential for good support and an effective workout. As for the rest of your gear, a simple T-shirt and yoga pants will do. When working out in the privacy of your room, you aren’t burdened with your appearance. So there’s no need to overbear your suitcase with workout clothes.

Once you have your ‘gear’ on, begin. Kick things off from a lunge position, right arm back, left bent in front of you, right foot forward. Bring the left knee in front at hip height as you swing the left arm back and bring the right arm front. Keep switching as fast as you can 30 times, and after the first series, simply repeat in the same way on the other side.

Get to the core

Dolphin plank, Hotel Room Workouts
Dolphin plank. Flickr: Haugh Photography / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

People often leave out planks in their exercise routine, and this is a huge mistake. Planks are the simplest yet most effective exercises you can possibly do. They are crucial to a strong core, and a strong core improves your ability to move and exercise further. Of course, they don’t require anything except just enough space for your body. Now, the best variation is the dolphin plank, and here’s how to go about it. Rest on your forearms, hands clasped together. Keep the abs tight and put the pressure on your shoulders and arms as you lift your hips up to the ceiling and your chest back towards your feet. Keep your abs tight as you return to the plank position and for a full effect. Repeat this at least 15 times.

Rise and squat

Squats are simply amazing. You feel like you’re only ‘working’ on your legs, but they do much more than that. They help burn fat and help increase your overall mobility, which is, you must admit, a wonderful thing, especially during an exciting and activity-packed trip. What you want to do is in this hotel room workout is to put your feet together and stand tall with your arms extended in front of your chest, palms pressed together. Push your hips back and lower yourself into a squat. Bring the knees together, and hold. Open your arms into a ‘V,’ while pulling the shoulder blades down and back as you open your arms. Bring the arms to the initial position, and do this 15 times. Remember to stay in your squat the entire time.

The final punch

After the sweat, the core and the legs, it’s time to finish strong with a good old ab routine. You can start by using your wonderful hotel bed and let gravity do its job and then move on with a Pilates roll-up and finish with a decline knee tuck. Watch the lovely Anna Renderer do it with ease, and just follow her lead for full abdominal hotel room workouts.

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