Hospitality Trends for Better Guest Experience in 2019

Holidaymakers, tourists, visitors, all of them want to have the absolute best. And the hoteliers’ job is to indulge their visitors in any way conceivable. The industry has been adding beneficial and alleviating arrangements for visitors with the ultimate goal of helping them feel welcomed. So what can we expect to see next? Here are the top 10 new hospitality trends that you can expect to see in the travel industry in 2019.

The hotelier and the hospitality industry is a multimillion, if not billion, dollar industry that constantly keeps expanding. It seems that there is no end to how much it might expand and how big it might eventually get because whenever a bar is set, the competitors do their best to raise the bar further. What you need to note is that the guest’s experience does not only start when they arrive at the hotel. It actually starts a lot sooner. Some would say that it is even as far back as when they plan their holiday. But for now, we will concentrate merely from the point when their airplane lands and onward.

Artificial Intelligence

Incorporating AI further in the hospitality industry is a goal of all hoteliers for 2019. The industry has already started adopting it and the results are already there. With the positive feedback received, we can expect to see even more AI orientated alleviations for the visitors. Tools like revenue management and chatbots will help the hotels seem more welcoming to the people arriving and will allow the establishment to flourish.


Influencers will most certainly have a bigger role in the hospitality industry. Having an influencer has proven to be a really valuable asset and a marketing tool suitable for almost any industry. People who use social media and convey their experiences and also recommend certain places are a great way to raise the popularity of a certain place or a hotel, in this case. All in all, if not next year, all hotels will probably hire an influencer of their own.

Open-Air Festivals

Organizing open-air festivals and events similar to beach parties is already a thing. When it comes to Europe, many hotels have taken upon themselves to organize events in order to indulge their visitors and help them have a good time. The US is yet to make this happen, particularly in places that are far away from the ocean. But places that are near rivers and lakes have immense potential for organizing these kinds of parties. A perfect example is Mamby on the Beach 2019, an annual festival held in Chicago, Illinois, that shows that you do not have to be near the ocean to have a beach party.

10 Hospitality Trends for Better Guest Experience in 2019,


As the tourism industry expands, so do many subcategories of tourism that make it expand with it. One such is Eco-Tourism that has expanded beyond expected proportions recently. It is actually quite logical when you think about it. People are trying to escape the concrete jungle and the drudgery of their everyday lives and go to a place where life is healthier and easier. Niche countries and destinations will get much more people in 2019 and will attract greater attention as the years go by.

Smart Stays

Tourists and holidaymakers always want the best, and with the rise of technology, they are going to want modern rooms. Incorporating technology in hotels has already started to happen. But with the successive expansion of both the tech industry and the tourism industry, mixing the two together is not such a bad idea. Expect to see more voice assisted appliances and motorized equipment in your accommodations in 2019.

Personalized Services

More and more hotels are leaning towards making personalized services available for their visitors. Adding a personal note to the stay for a certain person will make them feel more important and will also increase their loyalty to the hotel. Generally, it works both ways as it is beneficial for the customers and the hotels. Thus, expanding on these types of services or adding more of them will be paramount to hoteliers.

Quick Holidays

We are living in a fast-paced world, meaning that less and less people are planning long vacations. This also means that they are investing less and less time picking a holiday. Thus quick solutions have become the norm and the number of weekends and long weekend bookings has risen. People in the hospitality industry have already noticed it and they have made preparations to accommodate people who want to go on a quick weekend getaway. Expect a lot of these types of bookings in 2019.

10 Hospitality Trends for Better Guest Experience in 2019

Millennial Mindset

Whether you want to accept it or not, millennials have started to dictate hospitality trends even in the accommodation industry. The number of millennial visitors and travelers is rising and hoteliers are trying to accommodate them by giving them services that will cater to their needs. This has started to affect the industry as a whole. Consequently, a lot of hoteliers promoting these kinds of services and are placing them as standard offers. One more thing that we expect to see in 2019 is the rise of homestay and bed and breakfast bookings, a go-to choice by many millennials.

Government Influence

For certain countries, tourism is one of their main resources. Generating more income means attracting more tourists to their countries. A lot of governments of certain countries have started pushing these kinds of initiatives in order to attract more visitors. The trend here is that a rise in e-visas is expected to happen in 2019 as more countries wish to attract foreign nationals to their countries.

Price of Travel

The most popular form of travel has become international travel. Many tourists prefer to go to other countries and would not like to stay home. Consequently, as the need for more air travel rises, the price of tickets will get cheaper. Air travel is the most convenient form of travel to a foreign country, but it doesn’t help when the tickets are overpriced. Many airline companies have already started reducing their prices so many others are expected to follow suit in 2019. 

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