Things to know before planning the perfect honeymoon abroad

It’s no secret that planning a wedding can make for a busy and stressful period in your life. Once the big day’s done with all you want is a break, and luckily that’s what you get with your honeymoon. After all the hard work you and your partner have put in you deserve the perfect holiday, and these tips will help you make that a reality ahead of time.

Honeymoon Planning Tips

First a big one: spread out the workload. You’ll get busier and busier in the run up to the wedding, and the last thing you need is another big event to plan at the last minute, so start looking into your options early and book as soon as you’ve made your decision to avoid any possible disappointment. Also, share the work between the two of you. The wedding belongs to the both of you and so does the honeymoon so you should share the work for both.

Honeymoon Planning Tips

Next, some advice I’d give before buying anything, especially big purchases like holidays. Think about what’s right for you, or in this case you and your partner. You may have heard from others how you should go here or there and how they had such a wonderful time but before you take such advice to heart, think about whether you want the same things out of your big trip as they did.

Serenity to one person is boredom to another. Some people want a lively trip full of people and parties, but if you and your partner just want to enjoy each other’s company a more secluded locale might be more appropriate. In the latter case Exsus Travel Limited’s Ultra Luxury Honeymoons offer some great destinations.


Of course, not every couple’s idea of the perfect holiday is completely in synch. This is fine—what would be the point of being two people if you thought the same thing about everything? In that case try mixing locales (a tropical island with a bustling city, for example) or a trip with multiple destinations to cater to both of your tastes, but be careful about skewing too far in one direction; you should both be able to enjoy the whole trip.

Follow these tips and you should be able to plan the perfect romantic getaway with ease.

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