Home Security Tips for a Carefree Family Vacation

Working all year long can be quite exhausting. Most people spend a lot of money into vacations, for it’s the only time when they can relax, forget about all the problems and get rid of all the stress. But going on a family vacation trip can be quite a problem for your home. Many burglars and thieves may find their way into your home while you’re away. Here are some security tips which you can use to keep your home safe while enjoying your well-deserved carefree family vacation.

Family at the Beach. Carefree Family Vacation
Family at the Beach

Home Security Tips for a Carefree Family Vacation

Love thy neighbours

If you are living in a friendly neighborhood, before you embark on a long-awaited and carefree family vacation, make sure to inform your neighbors about your absence. Tell them to keep an eye on your house, and to call the police in case of any suspicious activity. However, make sure your neighbors are trustworthy; otherwise, you may come to regret it. To avoid awkward situations, simply let your friends know you’re gone and ask them to visit your house at least once.

Homeward Bound. Carefree Family Vacation
Homeward Bound: Photo on Flickr by Sean Freese / CC BY 2.0

Notify the police

If your neighborhood watch is on good terms with the police, then you should definitely let the police know that you are out of town. This should not be done in case of a weekend getaway, but only when going on a long and carefree family vacation. Sometimes, police patrols do a drive by around your neighborhood and your house, checking and ensuring that everything is fine. Alternatively, depending on the neighborhood you live in, you can hire a local watch to take care of your home in your absence.

Curtains opened – lights on!

Once you are gone, you want everyone to think that you are still coming home from work every day and your children are still running around the house or playing in their rooms. Everything has to seem like you are still at home. The best way to create such an illusion is to leave everything as normal as possible. What this basically means is leaving the curtains as they are, without opening or closing them. The same goes for light which is always on in front of your house at night: make sure it stays on even while you’re gone. One light bulb can waste you a few dollars’ worth of electricity, but it can save your house from getting raided.

Check the locks

The best way to ensure that your house stays intact is upgrading your current locks if they are outdated. There are many different types of locks, and if you’re willing to invest some money, you can get some very good locks which are impossible to break or pick. Some even come with an integrated alarm system, which can be very useful especially when you and your family are out of town. The safety of the house starts with the doors, so by investing in your lock you invest in your safety, advise the experts at Locksmith Sydney.

Secure Door Lock. Carefree Family Vacation
Secure Door Lock

Put all mail on hold

Nothing can spell “I’m out on a vacation” better than a pile of mail stacked up on your porch or front doors. If you don’t want to be suspicious, put all your incoming mail on hold, or even better, ask a friend or neighbor to collect your mail along with his own. That way, everything will seem normal, and you will be able to enjoy a carefree family vacation with nothing but peaceful and relaxing thoughts on your mind.

Family at Sunrise, Pier, Holiday, Vacation. Carefree Family Vacation
Family at on Pier at Sunrise

Leaving your home unprotected while out of town is a big deal, so do everything you can to ensure that it stays protected. Use the above listed suggestions and maximize your home security while enjoying the sandy beaches and relaxing breeze somewhere under the bright blue sky.

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