Homage to the North of Norway

Imagine you’re in a big city. It’s noisy, there are cars everywhere, a lot of traffic. And suddenly it begins to snow. I’m sure you’ll agree…it’s cold, dark and everything is stuck. In the north of Norway life begins in exactly that moment when the first snow is falling. The landscape changes from a green idyll into a white winter wonderland. The streets transform from grey to white and the trees get a white dress. In homage to the north of Norway, frozen lakes enable new ways to reach other villages.

Homage to the North of Norway: Sunny greetings from Alta - Fotograf: Hinrich Carstensen ; www.hinrichcarstensen.de
Sunny greetings from Alta: Photo by Hinrich Carstensen

Homage to the North of Norway

After a long dark period the sun is back again and this is one of the best times during the year. The snowstorms are quiet over, the temperature is rising but it’s still white.

While making a walk through the adorable landscape the snow gives in under the shoes. The air is matchlessly pure. You can feel it with each breath.

Every morning the nature looks untouched. During the night all footprints are concealed. Every day is like a new beginning. Maybe now you’re thinking…okay, well, that’s cool for a few days but after a while it will be boring.

Let me tell you…nope it definitely won’t!

When we woke up it was always like a present to be a part of this complete nature. We had no pressure to miss something, because every moment the landscape and the weather could change and offered us the most impressive spots.

North Cape

Our trip began with loads of snow and temperatures as low as -15 degrees. Because of the strong snowstorms we headed through the mountains for the North Cape, together with a convoy, supported by a snow plow in the front, and an emergency car in the back. It was definitely worth it! We got rewarded by a priceless view at the end of Europe. The clouds were all around us and even sunrays reached us in a few lucky moments.

With the help of a snow plow and a new tire we arrived at Alta where we spent some sunny days to hike the biggest city at the Finnmark (it’s sooo big that it’s easy to go by feet everywhere). We climbed on a mountain at the edge of the city surrounded by the fjords.

Homage to the North of Norway: Sunset over a Norwegian Fjord
Sunset over a Norwegian Fjord: Photo by Hinrich Carstensen

To stand at the top of the mountain was the incarnation of freedom. The wind on the warm skin, the sunlight in the back, the view towards the calm fjords, white mountains around and the snow under the feet is a match of happiness.

We spent a really good time at some other spots on our way up north. Among others we learned a moon is not just a moon. Have you ever seen a luna halo above a sleepy town behind a fjord? That was one of our surprising moments during the clear nights and should be written down on every bucket list.

Lyngen Alps

Also the Lyngen Alps are worth a visit. We just enjoyed sitting down at the water, waiting for the sunset, without internet or any other signs of civilisation and felt the silence around us. We were in accordance with the magic of the nature and ourselves.

One of our special and memorable moments was when we made our own bonfire in the snow with marshmallows and cookies. Imagine sitting in the cold snow in front of the heat of the fire while eating marshmallows. And suddenly there it is: The aurora borealis in green and purple! Just like magic and still real! I would say it was one of the best moments during our trip.

Homage to the North of Norway: Cooking marshmallows over an open fire in the snow
Cooking marshmallows over an open fire in the snow: Photo by Hinrich Carstensen


Our adventure went further to Spitsbergen (Svalbard), where we made some new great unforgettable experiences. The endless white landscape let us know: we’re at the end of the world not far from the North Pole. On our trips by snow mobile and dogsled to the east coast, tempelfjord and other spots on Spitsbergen, we saw incredible natural formations. Blue compressed ice walls, empty channels of rivers, frozen waterfalls, glacier walls and huge ice floes shaped the scene of ineffable beautiful landscape. When we saw wild reindeer it was like they were painted on a white ground surrounded by glaciers. While we hiked on the top of glaciers and felt the vibrations from the ground under our feet, we knew the evident beauty of nature isn’t implicitness; it’s changing from year to year.

Of course, you can say we were just lucky to reach all the unbelievable spots, but our answer is: it’s easy! You only have to be open minded and have to come out of the dark city, you will see, the world is waiting for you!!



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