The Ultimate Guide for a Holiday Packing List

Holiday season is near and you probably have something planned. However, when preparing for a holiday, don’t be one of those people who do everything at the last moment and forget most of your essentials. Rather, make yourself a checklist which will help you pack everything that you need for your holiday. In order to help you even more, here is what should be on your holiday packing list.

First, some rules for your Holiday Packing List!

Since you want to be fully packed but not overloaded, you need to establish some rules. “If it doesn’t fit – don’t bother”, because otherwise you will be stressed out and your luggage will be heavy. Also, bulk is bad and completely inconvenient. Try to minimize the heavy items and prioritize; you don’t want to hurt your back on your holiday. What is more, you should always leave some space for shopping, because let’s face it, you are going to buy some souvenirs and new clothes while on vacation. Lastly, don’t forget to pack a cozy sweater which can be useful on the plane.


Depending on your holiday destination you should carefully pack your clothes. You can also check the weather stats for your destination to help you pack properly. Nevertheless, you will need several pieces wherever you’re going.

  • Shirts: you will need at least 3 shirts or blouses. Also, throw in a few long-sleeved shirts that can double as short-sleeved ones in order to be appropriately dressed for wherever you’re going.
  • Trousers, shorts and skirts: pack 2 pairs of trousers or jeans in order to be prepared for any situations. Also, pack 3 pairs of shorts, but try to find ones with deep pockets. Four skirts or even a pair of leggings should be enough so you can combine them for a late night stroll or even for a night out; you can even bring a few dresses.
  • Underwear and socks: this will depend on the length of your vacation, but you will need 7 pairs of each minimum.
  • Shoes: you will need at least one pair of comfortable shoes for walking. For the evenings, you can bring deck shoes or ballet pumps, and don’t forget your sandals and flip flops.
  • Something warm: since you cannot predict the weather, make sure to pack a jacket and a sweater in case it rains or it gets windy.
  • Swimwear: if you’re going on a summer vacation, you can bring as many swimsuits as you please.
  • Leisure: you will need comfy pajamas and some comfortable clothes for walking around the hotel or relaxing in your room.

Personal items and toiletries

Hygiene is a number one priority, so make sure to have a holiday packing list of everything you need.

  • Shower: chances are good that you will have the essential at the hotel, but just to make sure, pack your shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, toothpaste and a toothbrush.
  • Makeup and cosmetics: let’s face it, you can’t leave without your makeup. However, don’t over-pack; rather, bring the most basic kit which will help you get pretty in the morning. As far as cosmetics are concerned, you can bring your exfoliator and moisturizers, as well as sunscreen with a high SPF.
  • Eye protection: if you’re wearing glasses, make sure to bring the necessary equipment. Also, you can pack your contact lenses and don’t forget to find quality sunglasses in order to protect your eyes. If you’re having troubles with this part of packing, you can visit your optometrist in Broadway and get the best gear.
  • Medicine: if you’re taking any medication, make sure to pack them. Also, you can bring some allergens if needed and a few pain relievers if necessary.
  • Other: you will also need your tweezers, pair of scissors, plenty of tissues and some makeup removal products. If you need anything else that will make sure you stay healthy and pretty, don’t be afraid to pack it.

Personal items and toiletries

Holiday essentials

There are some other things that will be essential on your holiday. Firstly, make sure to pack all the necessary documents, including your passport and travel insurance. Secondly, you will need sufficient amount of money and make sure to pack some amounts in the local currency of your destination. Lastly, don’t forget to bring some entertainment. Maybe your smartphone is enough, but if not there are always tablets and laptops, an interesting book or your Kindle. However, don’t forget to pack the necessary chargers for the electronics so you won’t run out of batteries.

Holiday essentials

There you have it. This is pretty much everything you will need on your holiday packing list. All that’s left is to have fun and relax.


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