Vacation in Confidence With a Secured Home

Before taking off for a vacation, it is important that you secure your home and ready it for your absence. Taking the proper steps to prepare your home will give you the peace of mind needed to enjoy your trip. Here are four holiday home security tips to consider when preparing your home in your absence so that you can leave with the confidence of knowing that your house and belongings will be well protected.

holiday home security

4 Holiday Home Security Tips to Help You Travel in Confidence

Give it a Lived-in Look

holiday home security

An empty house is attractive to intruders because it is obvious there will be an easy entry. To avoid making your home a welcome place for burglars, be sure to arrange for a neighbor to pick up any newspapers, mail, or packages from your porch. Leaving an interior light on and installing motion-activated porch lights will also deter intruders. Asking a friend or neighbor to occasionally park a car in your driveway will make it appear as if there is activity in your home.

Be Aware

Equipping your home to handle a mishap can save you big headaches down the road. Not only will a doorbell camera serve as a deterrent to potential crime, but it will also provide useful footage should your home experience an invasion.

Don’t Try to Outsmart Thieves

You might think that you are being clever by hiding an extra house key under a rock, but experienced intruders know all of the tricks. Burglars also are familiar with all of the secret devices used to hide additional house keys. And they will be able to locate them easily.

Look for Vulnerabilities

Before you leave, take a good look around the outside perimeter of your property as well as on the inside to spot vulnerabilities. Be sure to check all windows and doors for functioning locks. In addition to checking for easy ways for intruders to enter your home, it is wise to guard against possible weather mishaps. For example, be sure to secure all loose patio furniture, fractured fence panels, and other items that could become projectiles in high winds.

By following these holiday home security tips, you will be able to enjoy your vacation without worrying about what is happening back in your home.

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