Holiday Home Renovation to Impress Your Guests

Vacation rentals are gaining in popularity across the globe, as travellers and tourists alike are looking for accommodation that not only portrays the local culture, but also meets all of their needs – unlike a bland, template hotel room. Travel and leisure have become a deep and profound experience; and no matter if you’re looking to spruce up your own holiday home, or attract more short-term tenants for the upcoming season; you want to focus on introducing small, but significant changes into the interior and exterior, that will truly speak to the hearts and minds of your guests. Here are the essential considerations for your holiday home renovation.

Holiday Home Renovation
Rosentorgets B&B, Simrishamn, Skåne County, Sweden: Photo on Flickr by Charlotta Wasterton / CC BY 2.0

Holiday Home Renovation Tips

Create a clean and inviting bathroom

Holiday Home Renovation,bathroom,caragh lake house,county kerry,ireland
Bathroom in Caragh Lake House, County Kerry, Ireland: Photo on Flickr by Reeks District / CC BY 2.0

The prerequisite for a marketable vacation rental is a beautiful, functional, and most importantly, spotless bathroom. While you might be under the impression that a shower is just a shower and that it shouldn’t be given any further deliberation; the guest is actually looking to get an amazing spa-like experience. This is why the design of the bathroom can attract or deter prospective guests.

Luckily, there is no need to spend thousands of dollars on grand holiday home renovation, you can simply work with what you have and make minor, but powerful adjustments. Firstly, make sure the plumbing works perfectly. Secondly, you want to repair any leaks, cracks, and chips around the room. You can also spruce up the setting with strategic greenery, natural elements, and warm lighting.

Bring intimacy and texture to the bedroom

Holiday Home Renovation,Rental Home in Phoenix, Arizona,usa
Rental Home in Phoenix, Arizona: Photo on Flickr by The Rent Giant / CC BY-ND 2.0

In your run-of-the-mill hotel room, the bedroom is just a place where you would crash after a long day of trotting around town; but in a modern vacation rental, this is a place of intimacy, peace, and positivity. To let this feeling permeate the room, start by upgrading the mattress; and bring some vibrancy into the mix with colourful throws, linens, and blankets.

Set up a neutral backdrop with a beautiful beige or ivory hue on the walls, and complement the space above the bed with vibrant artwork. Don’t forget to declutter the room as well and let plenty of natural light permeate the setting. This will help evoke that “at home” vibe the guests will love.

Rejuvenate the backyard and the pool area

Holiday Home Renovation,Twin Bridges, Edmond Oklahoma
Twin Bridges, Edmond Oklahoma: Photo on Flickr by Bill Wilson / CC BY 2.0

Let’s take a quick detour and shift our focus to the exterior. Since this is often the last thing a landlord would think of when doing holiday home renovation; you want to give the backyard and the pool area high priority; as they will greatly influence the overall look and feel of the property, ultimately attracting more guests.

When setting up a truly impressive exterior, meticulous landscaping will be key, along with a spruced up pool. Consider arranging greenery around the pool and seating area to frame the design, and don’t forget applying swimming pool paint to bring the pool back to its former, shiny glory. Complement the new design with LED lights and you have yourself a to-die-for backyard the guests will love. Finally, don’t forget to regularly clean exterior floors and falls with a pressure washer.

Don’t forget about a functional kitchen

Holiday Home Renovation, Kitchen, Holgate, New Jersey,usa
Kitchen, Holgate, New Jersey: Photo on Flickr by Stephen Harris / CC BY-ND 2.0

Moving back inside, the kitchen also deserves a separate mention, as this is usually the busiest room in any household; and a place where guests will expect to find everything they need to feel right at home and prepare delicious meals with ease. With that in mind, equipping the kitchen with all the basic necessities in terms of appliances and cooking equipment is crucial.

However, you want to take the idea of a beautiful and functional kitchen even further, and repaint the cabinets in a new, bright hue, replacing the hardware in the process as well. Be sure to fix any worn-out areas and, no matter how much it might cost; don’t forget to replace cracked countertops – your guests will appreciate the extra effort.

And voila! You have yourself an amazing vacation rental that will have no problem appealing to the modern traveller and gaining positive reviews throughout the season. With these essential updates in mind, go ahead and create the holiday home every guest is searching for.

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