The Müllerthal Trail – An Overview

Even though the Müllerthal Trail in Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland is without question a less well known long-distance hike in Europe, it is well worth doing—as I found out about a month ago.

I’ve already shared several photos of the Müllerthal Trail hike, and in that blog post I also mentioned that I’d write a more detailed blog post about the specifics of the Müllerthal Trail later on—so here it is!

The Müllerthal Trail runs through the heart of the Müllerthal region in the east of Luxembourg. The trail is 112 kilometers (70 miles) long and is made up of three circular trails that connect in two places. The trail looks somewhat like a double 8.

The medieval town of Echternach used to be a pilgrims destination and is famous for its “Hopping Procession”, which is considered to be Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. This beautiful small town is the perfect base for hiking Mullerthal Trail.

Hiking Mullerthal Trail Luxembourg – 3 Routes, 1 Hike

Route 1 provides a perfect introduction to the Müllerthal region, running through woods, past rock formations and across fields, taking in every type of landscape that can be found there. The obvious starting point for Route 1 and the Müllerthal Trail is Echternach.

Hiking Mullerthal Trail Luxembourg: Farmlands in Luxembourg's Little Switzerland
Farmlands in Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland

The first section of Route 1 runs through the town of Rosport, home to the beautiful Tudor House, before continuing to the ancient pilgrimage chapel in Gisterklaus. Already, this section reveals the beauty of this region, the trail passing underneath impressive rock formations and running across extensive meadows and fields. Section one of Route 1 ends at a campsite on the banks of the Sûre River.

Hiking Mullerthal Trail Luxembourg: Tudor House, Rosport
Tudor House, Rosport

The second section of Route 1 leads for that campsite in the tiny town of Born up to a plateau and continues through the Herborn forest, before passing the lake of Echternach and ending back in Echternach itself.

Echternach is also the best place to commence Route 2. This loop brings walkers to the heart of Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland and underneath, past, over and sometimes even through spectacular rock formations. From the Echternach bus station, the Müllerthal Trail climbs steeply up a hill, offering great views down of the town. The first part of Route 2 runs through beautiful woods to the small town of Scheidgen. The trail then passes a series of amazing rock formations, such as Härgottskap and Daxelay. It also passes an old cave that used to be the home of a hermit—the cave is known as Mëchelskirch.

Hiking Mullerthal Trail Luxembourg: Rock formations on the Müllerthal Trail
Rock formations on the Müllerthal Trail

Up next are several more rock formation, including the super-narrow canyon called Kohlscheuer and rocky cliffs and crevices known as Rittergang, Déiwepëtz, Goldfralay and Eileburg. The breathtaking Schiessentümpel waterfall lies about halfway along Route 2 in the village of Müllerthal and is a major highlight—probably my favorite spot on the entire trail. Other rocky highlights along Route 2 are Perekop, the Wolves’ Canyon and the Labyrinth.

Hiking Mullerthal Trail Luxembourg: Schiessentümpel

The attractions on Route 3 are dominated by two extraordinary castle ruins: Beaufort Castle and Larochette Castle. In addition to those, the trail runs through patches of woodlands and across farmlands and fields. Route 3 is characterised by those two magnificent ruined castles, beautifully peaceful sections alongside brooks and streams and fields dotted with cows. It’s as varied as Route 1.

Hiking Mullerthal Trail Luxembourg: Larochette Castle ruins
Larochette Castle ruins

The Müllerthal Trail takes six days to complete—two days for each of the three routes. You can hike with backpack and tent because there are plenty of campsites and even three hostels along the way, but you may also set up camp in one place and use public transportation to and from the trailheads. The bus network in Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland is perfect and a fantastic way to get around. When I hiked the Müllerthal Trail, I tried all options—I camped two nights, slept in a hostel and based myself in a campsite cabin for two nights using public transportation to and from the trail. I have to say that each way of hiking has its perks—it’s really up to you to decide what you like best.

Hiking Mullerthal Trail Luxembourg: Tourist_Karte_2013_ZW
Trail map: Photo Mullerthal Trail

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