Hiking Checklist: Essentials You Must Pack

Hiking is an exceptional way to explore nature, alone or with friends. But it’s essential to be prepared for your adventure. So, regardless of the location you pick for hiking—be it near home or deep into the mountains—use this hiking checklist to ensure you have everything you need.

Hiking Checklist


The first prerequisite of a hiking backpack is that it must be lightweight. Also, pay special attention to the size. It should not be so big that you are tempted to pack unnecessary stuff.

Food and water

Water bottles; hiking checklist

Pack sandwiches or other meals. Additionally, take snacks like energy bars, nuts and jerky.

As for water, you should carry at least 2 liters per person per day. Also consider whether you need more based on age, weather conditions and how much you’ll be sweating.

Portable battery

Your ability to call for help in an emergency could be critical. You don’t want to find yourself with a dead battery; not many things are as scary as that. Therefore, carrying a power bank is a must.

First aid kit

First aid kit; hiking checklist

Hiking could prove to be a rough experience depending on the location and your skills. To be on the safe side, pack a first aid kit. Before leaving for the trip, it is also worth taking the time to learn how different first aid tools are used. 

Multi-purpose tool

Hiking is an adventure, and adventures are meant to come with surprises. Everyone wants the surprises to be good ones, but you really can’t predict how things turn out. So, as the maxim goes, “hope for the best and prepare for the worst.” Having a multi-purpose tool like aitor knives should be among your first priorities.

Sunscreen and sunglasses

Even if you have checked the weather forecast, you really can’t be sure how accurate it will be. Sunglasses protect your eyes from strong sunlight. And the sun, shining directly and reflecting off snow, can damage your skin. Sunscreen can provide you with much-needed protection.

Clothing and footwear

Legs and hiking boots on rocks; hiking checklist

When it comes to clothing, weather and location are usually the deciding factors. It could be tempting to go for your yoga pants, but we recommend you buy pants designed for hiking.

As for footwear, you can carry multiple shoes and switch them according to the terrain.


The difference between a fine hiking trip and a nightmarish one largely depends on what you carry. Even a small and apparently useless tool could give tremendous aid in a dire situation. Therefore, use this hiking checklist to ensure you carry the essentials and make your hiking experience a memorable one.

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