Highlights of Dover Castle England

Beyond the white cliffs of Dover is an even more imposing attraction. Dover Castle, England’s largest fortress, stand steadfast, protecting the English Isles from invasion for over a thousand years. Its history can be traced back to Roman times, making it one of the most fascinating castles in the Kingdom. Step back in time and see for yourself these highlights of Dover Castle England. Take a tour of its massive and elaborate keep and explore the grounds and tunnels beneath where you can relive some of the most intense and critical moments in modern British history.

Highlights of Dover Castle England

The Great Tower

Dover Castle England. Dover Castle's Great Tower
Dover Castle’s Great Tower

The Great Tower is impossible to miss in this highlights of Dover Castle list. Built by Henry II in the 12th century; the Great Tower stands at the heart of the 70 acre compound, some 83 feet tall. Though that may not seem much this day and age, the Great Tower was a force to be reckoned with some 800 years ago. Its fine stonework is just a preamble to the vibrant interior, richly decorated with some of the finest materials money can buy during that time. The tower is made up of three floors, with the top most reserved for the king. Walk through the Guest Hall and look up to the family banners hanging on walls; or get up and close and personal to see how one of Europe’s most powerful rulers lived at that time.

The Underground Tunnels

Dover Castle England. The Underground Operation Theatre
The Underground Operation Theatre

Not only does Dover Castle England impress above ground, it also does underneath. Explore the underground tunnels originally built to house troops during the Napoleonic Wars. Though the series of connecting tunnels were never used for its intended purpose. It played a major role 60 years later during World War II when it became the command centre for Operation Dynamo and served as an underground hospital for injured troops in 1941.

Operation Dynamo

As the Germans closed in on Allied soldiers at Dunkirk late spring and into summer of 1940, all hope seemed lost. Operation Dynamo, whose command station was house at Dover Castle England, is the most successful rescue mission in history, saving over 300,000 British, French, Canadian and Belgian lives. As you tour the tunnels and the rooms underneath the castle, take yourself back and imagine being part of this miracle operation.

Dover Castle Ghosts

Dover Castle England. Entrance to Dover Castle
Entrance to Dover Castle

Many thrill seekers and ghost hunters staying in London might find themselves taking the two-hour journey by train to southeast England in search of numerous Dover Castle ghosts rumored to roam the castle and its grounds. One of them is the headless ghost of a drummer boy banging on his drum. Another is the silhouette of a women in a red dress roaming within the keep. Visitors to the underground tunnels have also reported unexplained screams, mostly coming for the hospital theatre, and unexplained occurrences of doors opening and closing.

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