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Ireland is a country that captivates the imagination of many people around the world. Traveling to Ireland is absolutely recommended, just be sure to visit in the period between late spring and early autumn! This iconic island country is riddled with mystery, legends, fairy tales and history. It’s the nation of leprechauns and fairies, its history going back several millennia, its countryside dotted with ancient ruins, burial mounds and remains of old mystical ring forts.

This is one of those countries that you simply must visit once in your life. In addition to fascinating history and heritage, Ireland is also a place of joy, friendliness and hospitality. Every community, even the smallest village, has at least one pub, a place that is still where people meet, hang out and share the latest news. Trad music is played in the evenings, while beer flows freely.

In this post, I would like round up all the greatest previous post that have been written about this magnificent, even enchanting, country on Go 4 Travel Blog. Additionally, I will finish with a rather large selection of inspirational photos. If you’re traveling to Ireland, you will find lots of information and ideas below! Here’s a quick guide to visiting Ireland.

Guide to Visiting Ireland: Cliffs of Moher
Cliffs of Moher

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