Brief Guide For Student Travel In Australia

Australia is turning into a uni-mecca for students from every corner of the globe. The wonderful campuses coupled with cutting-edge courses and vibrant communities paint it as a land of opportunity for people in their twenties. Furthermore, considering it is an English speaking country, there is virtually no learning curve when it comes to language.  Australia also shares a particular prominent feature with the United States. Road trips and cross-country travelling are an intrinsic part of its culture. If you manage to organize your time really well, you can embark on one of such trips. Here is a brief guide for student travel in Australia. 

student travel in Australia,Sunrise at Fingal Heads, Gold Coast, Queensland
Sunrise at Fingal Heads, Gold Coast, Queensland

What You Need To Know About Student Travel In Australia

Share whenever you can

Going on a big road trip into the heart of Australia or along its epic beachside is a truly exciting endeavor. But hardly any experiences are worth having unless you are having them in a favorable company. There are multifaceted benefits to sharing such experiences with other university students.

For one, you’ll be able to save money, as you’ll almost certainly share the bill when it comes to fuel and car maintenance. Second, it’s much less physically taxing to drive in a car rental around the countryside if you take turns. Third, the emotional aspects of the journey will be immeasurably enhanced. Because you’ll share these emotions and empathize with the sense of wonder and excitement as you travel with your friends. There is hardly a downside when it comes to this.

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Bike Hire in brisbane

Don’t fear hostels

As a student, you have to watch your every dime. So you cannot really stay in Ritz Carlton type of accommodations as you travel across Australia. As a matter of fact, hostels are very popular among students; backpackers and casual adventurists. They have garnered a negative reputation through countless horror movies. But hostels in Australia are not necessarily the same type of building projects you see in the US (though there are a few odd jobs here and there).

The pricing is very flexible and it can fluctuate depending on the number of beds in the shared room. The cheaper rooms can house up to 20 people and the pricier one can have 8 beds or less. No matter what, it’s bound to be a truly interesting experience that can put you in a rather intimate situation with a bunch of strangers. This can be a very positive thing indeed, or an interesting anecdote to tell one day at worst.

Student Travel in Australia,sea,coastal bridge,hair,view

You can go camping

One of the amazing advantages of student travel in Australia is that the countryside is crowded with camping spots you can use to your financial advantage. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll simply pitch your tent in the wild. Most of these camping spots are practically lots surrounded with protective fence. And you’ll hardly ever be the only one who’s camping out, wherever you are. Be sure to arm yourself with top-notch gear from a reliable camping store. This can also be a good outlet to practice your “survival” skills; learn how to be self-sufficient and crafty.

Now, it is important to point out that these lots, or if you will – holiday parks, are not free. The average price of admittance can be somewhere in the ballpark of $20 to $40 dollars, rarely more or less than that. They can include a range of features and amenities, starting with basic stuff such as bathrooms, camp kitchen, laundry; as well as more intricate stuff such as entertainment rooms and swimming pools. The pricing can depend on the quality of the park, but it can also vary according to the popularity of the nearby locations. Try to plan out your trip with this fact added to the equation and you can save up a whole additional camping night in three days. That being said, you’ll want to see some of the spectacular national parks and legendary locations around the countryside.

camping Australia. Student Travel in Australia,camp fire,group

A chance to meet people

Above else, the most interesting aspect of student travel in Australia is that it puts you in a variety of situations that will lend you a chance to meet new people. You have to understand that, even though your trip might appear lonely from time to time as you trek or drive along the wide highway in the middle of overwhelming wilderness, you are part of a river of young people. Sometimes you would even meet common thinkers, who just want to quench their thirst for adventure, just like you. Some of them might be the exact friends you were looking for since forever.

This means that sharing camping grounds or hostel rooms are actually hidden opportunities brimming with unimaginable potential. Students of Australia are a melting pot of people with diverse cultural backgrounds. So getting introduced to a point of view that is completely different from yours is the best gift your student days can give you.

Student Travel in Australia,surfing,surfers

Australia is an expansive continent of mesmerizing landscapes and impeccable natural beauties. Every student who gets a privilege to study at one of the premier universities in the Land Down Under should not miss a chance to also savor every aspect of this promised land of the southern hemisphere. Luckily, even if you have shallow pockets, there are reasonable ways to manage your student travel in Australia. So embark on your journey and see all the captivating topography. Witness the endemic biosphere and enjoy the luster of its vibrant urbanities.

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