The Guide to Family-Friendly Hong Kong

Two girls looking out over Hong Kong cityscape; family-friendly Hong Kong
View of Hong Kong from the Peak: Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Hong Kong has become one of the most popular travel destinations. The variety of activities and fun places you can visit makes it perfect even for family vacations. For this reason, here is a guide to fun things you can do in family-friendly Hong Kong.

Amusements parks

Certainly, one of the things kids get most excited about is Disneyland, so why not visit it in family-friendly Hong Kong as well? Your kids can meet their favorite Disney characters and try many exciting rides like Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars, Mystic Manor, Space Mountain and Iron Man Experience. You can buy your tickets online and avoid the long lines, but check in advance just in case.

If you want to have a bit of fun and get your adrenaline pumping, Ocean Park is another fun place you can visit. The Dragon, The Abyss and The Flash are just some of the rides you will love. Meanwhile, kids can have fun at Bumper Blaster or Raging River. Animal Encounters, where you can see pandas and seals, is the perfect activity for the whole family.

Relaxing time

Hong Kong cityscape with pool; family-friendly Hong Kong
Financial Centre: Image by David Mark from Pixabay

You should definitely set one day aside for relaxing, sunbathing and swimming. The perfect place to do that is the Gold Coast. You can even stay in the amazing Hong Kong Gold Coast hotel. Enjoy the service and drink your morning coffee on a terrace overlooking the ocean.

It’s perfect for a comfortable stay with kids; on the days you’re tired, you can still take them to the beach or pool and read a book while they play. If you have more time, Ham Tin and Clearwater Bay are other beautiful beaches you can visit. The transportation system is pretty great too, so it’s easy to get there. 

Learn a bit 

If your kids are interested in science and history, you can organize a cultural visit to the Hong Kong Science Museum or Hong Kong Museum of History. Interesting exhibits kids will love include a car simulator where you drive while trying to avoid accidents. There’s also a stationary aircraft with a video of a flight around Hong Kong they can watch in the cockpit.

Go sightseeing

Lantau Island Cable car; family-friendly Hong Kong
Lantau Island Cable Car: Image by tee2tee from Pixabay

Other topics you can learn about are light, sound, geography and technology. You can combine the visits to both museums in one day. The Museum of History is likely to be a lot more fun for parents, although it has some colorful hands-on exhibits for kids as well.

You don’t want to miss the Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery. You can get there by glass-bottom cable car, which will be an exciting adventure for your kids in itself. A day of walking and getting to know a bit about the culture and history is a great way to spend the day. And after that there are many places you can relax with a delicious meal or shopping. Another fun thing is to enjoy the best view of the city from The Peak. If your kids love dolphins, you can book a dolphin-watching tour, which will be an amazing experience. 

Shopping in the markets

If you want to take your kids on a shopping spree, toy streets and markets are the best place for that. Your kids will love that there is a place entirely dedicated to toys where you can get balls, dolls, costumes and much more. Temple Street Night Market is also a fun place where your family can enjoy a festive atmosphere with lots of food and even fortune tellers.

Parents will be interested in antiques, clothes and a variety of seafood to try. You can’t really sense the true atmosphere of Hong Kong without the markets. Others you can visit are Ladies Market for clothing, Ap Liu Street for electronics or Lascar Row for even more antiques and souvenirs. 

Hong Kong is a mix of culture, adventure, relaxing beaches and versatile markets. This makes it a perfect place for families because each member can enjoy something they love. These are just some of the examples which will make both you and your kids fall in love with family-friendly Hong Kong.

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