Guide to the Best Experiences In Sun Valley Idaho

When one thinks vacation, it usually takes them somewhere warm and sunny. The state of Idaho wouldn’t usually pop up in someone’s mind; however, Sun Valley, Idaho is a beautiful getaway destination that is perfect for the entire family. Sun Valley, Idaho is ideal for outdoorsmen who are constantly on the lookout for new adventures. Though this town has a plethora of fun activities to offer visitors, it is most famous for skiing. In fact, in the skiing community, “Sun Valley” is a reference to the alpine sky area, which is comprised of Bald Mountain (the main ski mountain) and Dollar Mountain (the mountain which is for beginner and intermediate-level skiers.) There are plenty of big adventures to go on while in Sun Valley; however, if you’re unsure of where to start, keep reading! Here’s your guide to the best experiences in Sun Valley Idaho.

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Sun Valley in Winter: Photo on Flickr by Homini:) / CC BY 2.0

Accommodation in Sun Valley Idaho

Before you figure out what you’re going to do here, you need to know where you’re going to stay. The most popular choices here are camping and getting a rental home, though both offer completely different, amazing experiences. If you’re debating on whether you should rent a house or just go roughin’ it in the mountains, please note here that camping, though exciting, is better for those who are experienced.

When you go camping, there is an extensive list of supplies that you must equip yourself with. Furthermore, in separating yourself from the rest of society to appreciate the great outdoors, you’re also surrendering common day comforts, which is something inexperienced people might have an issue with. Camping offers people incredible experiences in which they rely directly on Mother Nature to provide for them; however, if you’re inexperienced, you’ll most likely find the entire adventure to be intimidating and even unpleasant.

If you’re going in a large group, rental homes are great to stay in and there are quite a few advantages to staying in one. For one, it’s not nearly as expensive as a hotel and, with a larger group; the amount you’ll have to pay will decrease. Additionally, there are vacation rentals available in more places. At a rental home, you’ll be able to cook more, which will save money, keep your group together (as large groups are often split up and put in different parts of the hotel), and have access to free laundry facilities. Additionally, you’ll get to live like locals and get a better understanding of the culture and the area. If you’re lucky, you might be able to take your pets with you for the trip since many rental homes allow animals.

Trail Creek, Sun Valley Idaho
Trail Creek, Sun Valley, Idaho: Photo on Flickr by spec.B / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


Fly fishing

backpacking in a camper van

There are plenty of fly fishing opportunities in Sun Valley. Here, you’ll have access to four diverse waterways, which can span from an hour-long trip to a quick stroll outside your rental home. Discover brown trout in Silver Creek or Salmonoids in the Salmon River. Either way, you’ll be 100% amazed with what you’ll catch.

River rafting

During the summer months, Sun Valley Idaho offers a variety of water sports for visitors to enjoy. One of the more exhilarating options is river rafting, where you and your group will raft down the rapids, taking in the fresh river water.


The nearby Wood River Valley Trail is a multi-use pathway, which attracts hundreds of visitors. The trail, which is comprised of over 20 miles of trails that connect the towns of Bellevue, Hailey, Ketchum and Sun Valley, is perfect beginner trail and is primarily used for walking, hiking, road biking, and horseback riding. With premium views of the stunning Idaho landscape, you’re guaranteed to have a great time exploring the River Wood Trail.

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