Group Travel: Useful Tips to Plan a Great Trip

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Group travel can be a lasting memory, either as a disaster or as the most beautiful experience ever. Group trips can be among the best experiences of your life. You’ll get to know new people, bond over shared interests and learn something new. A group trip stays with you for years to come.

Traveling in a group means inside jokes, great stories, memories and friendships that will last you a lifetime. However, group travel also requires extensive planning with little room for blunders. Whether you are traveling with strangers or on a business-related or school trip, here are a few tips to help you plan a great trip.

Appoint a go-to person

In an ideal world, you could organize both the trip and the group itself. However, practically speaking, it is not realistic for a single person to do everything. While you focus on logistics, appoint a go-to person or group representative to keep the group informed and on track.

You can really play on the group strength—ideally, someone who is highly organized or loves planning should given this responsibility. Discuss all the prerequisites you are looking for during the trip that you are organizing.

Plan a budget

This is the most important aspect of organizing a group trip. Calculate your budget carefully and try to keep the smallest details in mind. When you have a proper budget planned, consult with at least one person in the group to be sure it’s thorough and realistic. Finally, make the final budget and stick to it.

Whether you need to book ground transport or flights, you should make the bookings at least three to four months in advance to avoid any last-minute hassles. Also, booking for your trip early might get you great deals. Tickets will get costlier as you get closer to your travel dates. Additionally, there’s a chance you might not find the necessary seating arrangement for your group. And don’t forget to check for group discounts. 

Travel bookings

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That being said, the world is not short of innovative ideas when it comes to travel arrangements and modes of transportation. For instance, if you are planning a group trip for business purpose and looking for a luxury coach for hire, there are many great options available online. Check out VIP Coach Hire, for example; one of the best travel coach companies for sporting events.


Choosing where to stay with a group can be tough. It’s an important decision and will have a significant impact on your travel experience. There are so many accommodation options available today. You can book a resort or a homestay as per your budget and requirements. Booking a house or an apartment, depending on the group size, can make your trip worthwhile. Cooking group meals together or sharing experiences in the common hall can go a long way for you.

Common place for planning

Ideally, you should decide on a common place to plan your trip and involve all the group members. Having a central location for all group discussions is the easiest way to communicate, plan and keep everyone informed. One person should be appointed to handle all accounting, and every group member should make their payments accordingly. Online media are the best way to handle all transactions.

Tips, tricks and hacks

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When planning group travel, it is essential for you to share all the important tips and hacks for the planned destination. This includes packing, necessary items and any specific requirements. Ideally, you should make a list and share it in person or on a social media portal for everyone to follow and make proper arrangements. Sharing tips with your group will also mean great bonding and much trust. This is important, especially if you have a group of strangers traveling together.

Pre-planning activities

Check out the top things to do in your chosen destination and plan a few activities, especially if you have a large group. If there are any local destination tours or other adventure activities involved, you might get group discounts. You will need to make bookings in advance, particularly if it is a big group.

Going solo in a group

Just because you are traveling in a group does not mean you have to do everything according together, unless it is a planned trip for a specific reason. In a group discussion on what to do next, if there is no consensus people can split up depending on what they want to do. 

Meanwhile, don’t forget it’s your vacation, too. Go it alone if you have to for something you really want to do or see. Don’t go home with regrets.

Traveling in a group can be a great experience that will create lasting memories. Do let us know how you use these tips to get the best out of your group vacation. Happy traveling!

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