Greatest Road Trips in Australia

Open road and blue sky; road trips in Australia

Those who have taken road trips in Australia will agree this continent is one of the best in the world. It offers everything you can imagine. Australia has exciting urban landscapes and untouched natural scenery you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Whether you are a beach person or someone who is into hiking and conquering mountaintops, rest assured you will have the time of your life in Australia. In fact, there is simply so much to see and do here that sticking to a single city would be a terrible mistake.

Sure, you can easily spend your 10-day vacation in Sydney and you wouldn’t get bored for a second. But what if you could see so much more of Australia during that same time period? Australia is a road-trippers’ favorite not only because of the beautiful views and endless potential for fun. There are also tried-and-tested road trip routes all over the country you can take as a blueprint for your own adventure. If you make sure you are well-prepared and follow safety measures, you will have the time of your life on your Australian road trip. All you have left to do is choose which route to take—and we are here to help you with that.

Melbourne to Brisbane

Arguably one of the best road trips in Australia is the one from Melbourne to Brisbane. A huge upside of this route is that most of it will take you along the coast, which means you will drive through various coastal towns, stopping at whichever you want. You don’t have to worry about finding campsites along the way, as Australians love camping. You’ll find plenty of camping grounds where you can stay while exploring the surroundings.

The Grand Pacific Drive

Royal National Park, Sydney
Royal National Park, Sydney: Image by Anton Gorlin from Pixabay

It’s true that the Melbourne-to-Brisbane drive can be long for novice road trippers. You can also cut it shorter and just go for the route from Sydney to Shoalhaven, better known as the Grand Pacific Drive. This short but fun route can be a day trip filled with exciting experiences every step of the 140 km-long way. Starting with the Royal National Park, you will be enchanted by beautiful rugged coasts. Immediately after that, you can take a break and enjoy a Wollongong beach before continuing your trip. Another stop that’s worth taking is Shellharbour, where you can have some amazing fish and chips and spend laid-back time at the village.

From Broome to Perth

Nevertheless, if you are an experienced road tripper and are not afraid of a 14-day adventure on the western coast of the continent, consider the route from Broome to Perth. On this trip, you will discover incredible sights that are certainly lesser known than those on the eastern coast; you’ll really feel like you are experiencing something unique throughout those 2,500 kilometers. Broome has some outstanding attractions, such as a dinosaur footprint and the Horizontal Falls. You could consider wrapping up your car with some decals at Octane Signage just to blend with this picturesque road.

The Great Ocean Road

The Twelve Apostles on the Great Ocean Road; road trips in Australia
Twelve Apostles on the Great Ocean Road: Image by Bernard Hoa from Pixabay

Another of the best-known road trips in Australia is the Great Ocean Road. This route is a favorite because it lets you experience the breathtaking Twelve Apostles landmark as you reach your destination in Warrnambool. The route itself starts in Torquay and it’s about 243 km long, so it’s fairly manageable and leaves you plenty of room to decide how long you want to make this adventure. Those who surf can find great surf spots along the way. But even if you just want to enjoy the views, they are well worth it thanks to the oceanside cliffs and the lush vegetation in the Great Otway National Park; don’t miss this stop if you’re a nature lover.


Finally, a part of Australia that you certainly want to see at least once in your life is Tasmania. Located south of the continent, you will need to take a ferry if you have your own vehicle. That’s small trouble compared to all the beauty you will experience in Tasmania. The island is small enough to take it all in while driving around, including the Bay of Fires, Freycinet National Park and historic Port Arthur and Hobart. You will hike, eat amazing seafood and make plenty of unforgettable memories.

These are only a few of the countless possible itineraries you can choose from for road trips in Australia. Of course, you don’t have to stick to any pre-made plan. The whole point of a road trip is to experience freedom and do and see whatever you want. So, if you find a friendly town that was not on your itinerary, don’t hesitate to stop for a coffee.

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