Grampians National Park in Victoria

Located in the Western Plains of Victoria, Australia, Grampians National Park is one of the most popular national parks in the country. The park is made up of a series of five sandstone mountain ranges that rise suddenly out of the vast plains. The Grampians – as they are mostly called – lie about 450 kilometers east of Adelaide, South Australia, and 250 kilometers west of Melbourne, Victoria’s capital. The little town of Hall’s Gap is situated in the middle of the national park and serves as a perfect base to explore the region. The Great Southern Touring Route is a popular drive in Australia that takes in several of Victoria’s highlights, such as the Shipwreck Coast, the Great Ocean Road and the Grampians.

Grampians National Park: Great Views
Great Views

This is one of my favorite Australian national parks. I spent about four days hiking, driving around and camping. Some of the best hikes I’ve done in the Land Down Under were in Grampians National Park.

Grampians National Park: The Western Plains
The Western Plains

Of the five mountain ranges the Wonderland Range is the most visited. This is where Hall’s Gap and the Brambuk National Park and Cultural Centre are located. That visitor centre has fantastic displays and exhibitions on the national park’s history and Aboriginal culture. Trail maps can be bought there as well.

Grampians National Park: Brambuk Visitor Centre
Brambuk Visitor Centre

Things to Do in Grampians National Park

If you can choose when to go, spring would be the best time. This is when all wildflowers are blooming, covering mountainside in all kinds of colors. Springtime is also the time of year when several music and sports events take place in and around the Grampians.

Sunset in Grampians National Park
Sunset in the Grampians

Because of the stunning natural beauty of the region, the most popular and suggested activities take place outside. Numerous hiking trails crisscross the park. They range from short easy strolls to multiple-day hikes. These long-distance hikes allow experience hikers to explore the deepest parts of the forest and the most remote mountain ridges. Shorter day hikes lead up to mountain summit and spectacular lookout points. Examples are Boroka Lookout, Boronia Peak, Chatauqua Peak and Reed Lookout. I did all these hikes and I guarantee you that the views are unbeatable. Besides hiking, other suggested outdoor activities in the Grampians National Park are canoeing, cycling, camping, kayaking and rock climbing.

Grampians National Park: Mountain Range
Mountain Range

The area is home to a large number of ancient Aboriginal rock art sites. Of sixty different sites, five are open to the public. They are easily accessible on short trails. The names of those shelters are Manja, Billimina, Bunjil, Ngamadjidj and Gulgurn Manja.

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