Gold Coast Secret Spots For the Adventurous

Yes, the Gold Coast is definitely a place to visit, which you will remember for years to come. Still, all the tourists, crowd, and noise can sometimes make you annoyed. Or you just woke up and realized you want something different today, something out of the ordinary. You want to see a place that’s still hidden to the majority of tourists, wild and astonishing. Gold Coast secret spots will give you just that. These places do exist. Here they are:

Top 10 Gold Coast Secret Spots

1. Tallebudgera Creek

Gold Coast Secret Spots

While the beach itself isn’t a state secret, there are cute little Gold Coast secret spots around it, isolated and peaceful, if you’re willing to search for them. Around the creek and away from Burleigh headland, there are beautiful Australian coves splattered around. Whether you feel like being lazy and just enjoy the peace and quiet in the sun or boosting your adrenaline on a surfboard, you’ll definitely love these Gold Coast secret spots.

2. Tambourine Mountain

Gold Coast Secret Spots, Tambourine Mountain Botanic Gardens
Tambourine Mountain Botanic Gardens

Each mountain hides its own secrets, gives shelter to unique and amazing animal and plant life and makes you ponder about your own place in the universe. Tamborine Mountain is no different – just outside Gallery Walk, there are places without tourists, just waiting to be admired. Make a visit to the Tamborine Mountain Botanic Gardens, home of exotic species and source of incredible photos you can take. When you’re done exploring, delight your palate with home-made cheese and beer in Liquid Amber Bistro while recollecting the impressions.

3. Sunflower Route

Gold Coast Secret Spots, Sunflowers

Without a doubt, one of the most unique sceneries you will ever see! If you’re lucky to be near the Gold Coast secret spots from January to March, under no circumstances should you miss Allora, a sweet little town, and its breath-taking field of delightful sunflowers. Warm and bright yellowness of these heart-melting flowers spreading as far as your eyes can see. Wow! You’re gonna get tired of the photo session you’ll be having, trust me. It’s just an hour away from the Gold Coast, but don’t forget snacks and drinks because there isn’t really an abundance of restaurants, but who cares.

4. Minyon Falls

Gold Coast Secret Spots, Minyon Falls, Byron Bay
Minyon Falls, Byron Bay: Photo by Espen Clem

These plunging waterfalls are really for the adventurous ones. They require a one-hour trek through the wilderness and the last 200 meters are really challenging for most people. But that’s what makes it exciting and worth the trouble, right? And it definitely is worth all the sweat – magnificent falls, hidden in the wild, away from the civilization. Bring something to eat, sit on some rock and enjoy the view and the fact that you have made it.

5. Natural Bridge

Gold Coast Secret Spots, Natural Bridge, Springbrook
Natural Bridge, Springbrook

Not that big of a challenge as reaching Minyon Falls, but still equally stunning. This is a rare natural formation, made of water and rocks. A way nature is showing us just how creative it can be. The directions to the bridge can be found online, and this is a trip to which you can take the children, as there are steps and railings provided.

6. Picnic Rock

Lamington National Park in the Green Mountains is the home of this picnic spot. Hardly any people can be seen there, as it requires a 3.5 km long scenic walk through the mysterious world heritage listed rainforest (which is great if you want to have an intimate picnic with your loved one, right?). There you can find your shelter from the reality and enjoy the silence with your special somebody.

7. Coombabah Lakelands Conservation Area

Gold Coast Secret Spots, Rock Wallaby

These 1200 hectares of wetland, rich with animal and plant life, is something that deserves more than just one day of exploration. Some locations simply deserve that you book an accommodation in the proximity, and this vibrant area is one of them. You can take your time taking long walks that include animal spotting (you might even see a kangaroo or two!) and plant identification. Maybe not for everybody’s taste, but this gem sure deserves to be preserved!

8. Currumbin Valley rock pools

Gold Coast Secret Spots

Rock pools are not something that everyone is used to or often encounters. So, don’t miss it! Whether you’re with your family or traveling with your boyfriend, take a walk 50m upstream and you’ll end up in front of a small and delightful waterfall. Have your own private pool in nature and let go of all your worries.

9. The Wishing Tree Track

Even the name sounds tempting, right? The journey to the Wishing Tree takes you downhill while allowing you to enjoy interesting flora. At the end of the track is the best part – a pretty suspension bridge and beautiful trees through which the wind whispers. And then the cherry on top – the Wishing Tree. The only trouble that you might have is the somewhat long walk to get there, but even that can be easily forgotten with the right insoles for flat feet.

10. Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens

There are so many botanic gardens most tourists aren’t aware of! You should use that to your advantage and smell and touch exquisite flowers at the Sensory Garden, admire the Butterfly Garden (no need for explanation!) or be enchanted by elegant roses in the Rose Garden. Pick your winner!

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