Surfing in Ghana: Where beats meet beach breaks

Among millions of intriguing holiday destinations, only a handful of places truly have it all: cool clubbing and music scene, sun-kissed pristine beaches, diversified wildlife, few tourist crowds, adrenaline-pumping activities, historical and cultural tours and decent accommodation for a sensible price. If you want this year’s vacation to be completely different and a hundred times more enjoyable than all the trips you made so far, head over to Ghana: still undiscovered by mass tourist throngs, this African jewel is the finest blend of qualities you need in a holiday destination. A place where contemporary music thrives and long, sunny days on the beach are interrupted only for a dose of nightlife fun, Ghana will make you fall in love at first overnight. From Hiplife and Highlife beats, appetizing cuisine, colorful open-air markets and numerous tourist attractions to silky white beaches, fun-packed water sports and many national parks, this country in West Africa country is the closest to the Garden of Eden you can find on Earth.

Ghana Surfing Spots and Beach Breaks: Black Star Monument, Accra
Black Star Monument, Accra

Surf’s up!

Ghana is an ideal holiday destination for avid surfers. Thanks to the country’s tropical climate, the best months for a surfing holiday in the country run from April to August, but hard core surfers often visit Ghana outside the peak season as the water is warm enough for wave-shredding adventures throughout the year. The list of great wave-carving Ghana surfing spots includes Black Mamba, Busua Beach, Kokrobite and Achenim. Among these, Busua and Achenim are perfect for beginner surfers, while Black Mamba and Kokrobite are better for experienced wave riders. For additional details and expert tips, check in at one of the many surf shops on Busua Beach – surf lovers will eagerly recommend best point breaks in the area, and you may even get a chance to make friends and carve the waters with local surfing legends.

Ghana Surfing Spots and Beach Breaks: Ghana surfing

Hip is the life

As for music, Ghana takes pride in budding modern genres such as highlife and hiplife. Highlife is Ghana’s best known contribution to the global music scene which first appeared at the turn of the 20th century, and it is characterized by a unique combination of jazzy horns and multiple guitars. The genre recently expanded to include an uptempo, synth-driven beats, and its latest variation, hiplife, has taken the music scene by a sudden blast. Hiplife is essentially a combination of highlife, hip-hop, reggae and dancehall, and it is usually performed in Ghana’s Akan dialect, which did not stop it from seizing fame among music lovers throughout Western Africa, United States, Germany, United Kingdom and Canada.

Ghana Surfing Spots and Beach Breaks: Ghana women

Where to stay

If you set out to conquer the waves of Ghana, you can find affordable accommodation either beforehand or upon landing in the country. The best place to hunt monster waves is definitely West Ghana, and you can book a place in one of the surf camps or surf schools along the coast. As for expert recommendations, try finding accommodation in the vicinity of Busua Beach, as the area is a favorite meeting sports for surfing crowds. For longer stays in Ghana, you can check out the offer featured on online real estate portals such as – apartments for rent are a more wallet-friendly option than hotels here, and you will definitely find an excellent deal even on a limited trip budget.

Ghana Surfing Spots and Beach Breaks: Sunset

Ghana Surfing Spots to check out

If you want to add a laid-back swing to your surfing holiday, you may want to explore Ghana’s non-surfing beaches such as Labadi, Cocoloco, Fete and Elmina Beaches. Free of tourist crowds and blessed by ample sunshine throughout the year, Ghana’s beaches offer an exceptional chance to soak in the sun, laze around in palm tree shades, take long romantic walks along the seashore, meet friendly locals and learn more about the country’s tradition, lifestyle, history and culture. To add a dash of ground-borne adventures to your surfing vacation, head over to one of Ghana’s amazing nature reserves such as Bia, Kakum and Kyabobo National Parks, or savor the heady scents of tropical forests in Asubima, Ayum, Bonsam Bepo and Krokosua Hills Forest reserves. Other exciting things to do during surf session breaks in Ghana include tours of charming marketplaces, Accra sightseeing excursions and day trips to lovely islands such as Bobowasi and Dodi.

After wild surf adventures? Pack your bags and book a flight to Ghana: a surfing destination gaining popularity among wave lovers across the globe, this African pearl will award you with tons of water fun and take your wave conquests to a whole new level.

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