A Destination Wedding: Sydney

Sydney is one of the most romantic cities on Earth and the best proof for that are the thousands of couples from around the world, that come to Sydney to get married on one of many fabulous wedding venues. Sydney is especially good for people who want their wedding to have a nice view and who like exotic surroundings. In this article we are going to list some of the most popular places for saying “I do” in this magnificent city.

Getting Married in Sydney

Chapel Weddings

Although not a lot of people choose this option because of so many nice outdoor locations in the city, a chapel wedding is definitely on of the most common wedding ceremonies that are being held in the city. Although Sydney is not very old, it still has some nice churches that look as pretty and historic as the ones in Europe. One of the biggest and the most beautiful ones is St. Mary Cathedral in Central Sydney.

Getting Married in Sydney: Chapel Wedding

Restaurant Wedding

Sydney is a very diverse and multicultural city which means you are able to try all kinds of different food from around the planet. It has some of the best Chinese and Italian restaurants in the world and some of them come with a breathtaking view- perfect for a wedding ceremony. Restaurants with the best view are located in the Rock district in the oldest part of town.

Getting Married in Sydney:  Restaurant Wedding

Park Weddings

Sydney has some of the nicest and most exotic parks in this part of the world. It is one of the greenest cities on the planet and its residents are very proud of that fact. Parks are great places for a wedding ceremony. You are going to be surrounded with exotic trees and plants. In addition, some of the parks also come with a great view of city’s most popular tourist sights like Opera House or Harbour Bridge. Park weddings can be held without any government permission for ceremonies with less than 50 guests. Some of the best parks for wedding ceremonies are: Royal Botanic Gardens, Centennial Parklands, Observatory Hill Park etc.

Getting Married in Sydney: Park Wedding

Beach Weddings

Beaches are one of the most popular outdoor wedding venues in Sydney. This city really has a lot to offer to couples who would like to listen to the ocean waves while reading their marriage vows. The biggest and the most popular beach in Sydney is Bondi, but there are a lot of more secluded beaches, that offer plenty of shade and have nearby restaurants for the reception after the ceremony. Some of the most popular beaches for weddings are: Manly Beach, Shelly Beach, Long Reef Beach etc.

Getting Married in Sydney: Beach Wedding

Other places

Sydney has a lot of other places that offer nice views and romantic atmosphere. One of the popular wedding venues that doesn’t fall into any of the above listed categories is the Sydney University Campground as well as the Vaucluse House, which is a historical house located in the Eastern suburbs of the city.

Bottom Line

No matter which one of these places you choose, exotic surroundings and romantic atmosphere of this city is something you are going to remember for the rest of your life. Sydney offers some of the best wedding locations in the world, and thousands of couples go home each year, with the pack full of nice photos and memories of this lovely city.

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