Get Onboard: Best Cruise Tips for Couples

A cruise is a wonderful way to celebrate an anniversary, indulge in a second honeymoon or just treat yourselves to a romantic holiday because you deserve it. While you might be tempted to focus on what you’re doing at your ports of call, don’t forget about all the great things you can do together onboard. If you’re thinking about cruising together for the first time, here are ten cruise tips for couples to make your holiday that extra bit special.

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1. Choose your cruise carefully

Chat about what each of you wants from a cruise and find something that works for both of you. Do you want an active Mediterranean cruise with loads of excursions or a chilled out Caribbean cruise with oodles of sunbathing? A cheap and cheerful cruise to start you off or something opulent and luxurious as a special treat? Decide between you what type of cruise will suit you best and then get to work finding it.

2. Book a balcony stateroom

If you’ve never been cruising before, the small staterooms will likely cause a few problems between the two of you at first. So do yourself a favour and book a balcony stateroom. With this category of cabin, you get extra space in the form of a balcony. You’ll also have extra room inside compared to standard inside and outside cabins. Not convinced? Here’s how to find out if a balcony cabin is right for you.

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3. Discuss your dining room seating arrangements

Do you want a romantic table for two or a chatty table of eight so you can make new friends? Discuss it between you and make reservations (if possible) before you set sail so you get what you want.

4. Unpack together and share the space

Staterooms don’t have as much storage space as you’re used to at home. If you’ve both brought outfits for the pool, excursions, evening dinners, themed nights, etc, you’ll probably struggle to find somewhere to put it all. Work together and share the space as equally as you can. Cruise tips for couples don’t get more basic than this!

5. Highlight your daily activity list and compromise

Each morning or evening, go through your daily activity list and make a note of things each of you wants to do. If you both want to do the same things, that’s great! If not, try and make sure there’s an equal number of things on your list for each of you so everyone’s happy.

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6. Put your phone down

With the exception of using it for photos and videos, it’s best to leave your phone in your bag or pocket. Not only will you save money on wifi/data packages, you’ll also spend more time together. Can’t stand the thought of being without a connection at sea? Here’s our guide to using your phone on a cruise without going broke. Just don’t be glued to the thing for your whole cruise!

7. Have a date night at a speciality restaurant

Dining is always special on a cruise because you get to go out for every meal. But you can make one night of your holiday even better with reservations at a speciality restaurant. If you’ve been sitting at a table with others in the main dining room, this will make a nice change. It’s an opportunity for a proper date night and one of our top cruise tips for couples.

8. Look for special couple’s activities

From dance classes and cooking workshops to game shows and seminars, most cruises put on loads of activities designed to be enjoyed as a couple. Find them in your daily activity plan and add them to your itinerary if they look like your thing.

9. Take advantage of the onboard photographer

If you spend a lot of your time alone as a couple, chances are you won’t have many photos of the two of you. A cruise is the perfect time to pose for shots and have them taken by an onboard photographer. If you don’t want to spend money on professional photos, take advantage of the kindness of strangers instead, and have them take your photos.

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10. Enjoy the adults-only area

If you’ve booked an adults-only cruise, you’ll get to enjoy the adults-only area at all times! But even if you’re on a standard cruise ship that welcomes everyone, it’s almost certain to have an area restricted to guests aged 18+. Find it and enjoy the serenity together.

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