Fun Travel Gifts Your Travel-Obsessed Friend Will Love

Are you looking for gift ideas for friends who travel a lot? People who are always on the move may need simple but practical gifts that remind them of home or help them with life in the new places they find themselves in. These are people who have seen a lot and it might be tricky to impress them. However, here are a few practical ideas and fun travel gifts that will get them smiling.

Fun Travel Gifts

Fun Travel Gifts for Your Travel-Obsessed Friend

1. Wireless Charging Phone Case

Fun Travel Gifts,smart phones,wireless charging,phone case

Your friend will appreciate this thoughtfulness. A big challenge for people who always travel is getting a place they can plug their phone in and charge or worse still forgetting the charger. A wireless charging phone case is not bulky, does not need to be plugged to any socket and most importantly, you cannot leave it behind because it’s already on your phone!

2. S’well Bottle

Fun Travel Gifts,S'well Bottle

Getting something to drink can be a daunting task when you are in a new place. You may not know where stores are or worse still, there may be none around. You need to have your hydration and energy-boosting drinks packed and ready to carry with you wherever you go. The S’well bottles are an ideal choice because they are suitable for hot or cold beverages.

The quality bottles can be used for any beverage type, whether its water, hot coffee or juice. The best part is, they come in assorted designs and colors. You can even get a S’well tumbler to go with the bottles. If you want to get more than one bottle, you can choose different designs or colors.

3. Picture Beach Towel

Fun Travel Gifts,picture beach towel

Anyone who travels will most likely miss home. Helping your friend to carry fond memories of pets or people close to them is likely to be appreciated. Compile these photos and make a beautiful custom picture beach towel.

As their friend, you probably know their tastes and most importantly the people and things they love most. The idea is to fill their space with images they will love. This way, they will easily carry it with them wherever they go, and can look back to see familiar faces.

It’s easy to make the perfect photo towel. Add text and backgrounds. Resize your photos. Crop and edit pictures or apply a fun filter. makes it super easy! Your friend will appreciate it.

4. The Tile Tracker

Fun Travel Gifts, key ring,tile tracker

It is annoying when you cannot find things fast. It gets worse if you misplace essential items such as the house keys or your wallet. People who are always on the move may forget things quickly and may not even know where to start the search. The Tile Tracker helps you locate items fast. With the app, you just need to make a call, which will activate the sensor attached to the misplaced item.

It will ring from wherever it is. For this to work, you should first have an idea of where you last saw the lost item before making the call. The Tile Tracker is easy to install and use. Traveling friends will appreciate your thoughtfulness every time they try to find a missing bag, keys or other misplaced items.

5. There Are Many Fun Gifts for Travelers

As noted earlier, someone who travels a lot has probably seen and experienced almost everything the world has to offer. Small but practical fun travel gifts will make more sense especially if they can be used on their many trips away from home and loved ones.

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