Fun Facts About Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Since I lived in Amsterdam for one year I thought it would be time for some fun facts I gathered during my stay. This city is so incredibly great and fun to live in…so I thought I’d share this with you.

Fun facts about Amsterdam Netherlands:  Park letters

Fun Facts about Amsterdam, the Netherlands

  1. It is true that there are more bikes in Amsterdam than inhabitants. Roughly 900,000 bikes compared to a bit over 800,000 people living in Amsterdam.
  2. As of 2014 there were 183 coffee shops in Amsterdam, stretched out over the whole city.
  3. Did you know that there are around 165 canals in Amsterdam, almost as many as in Venice with 177 canals.
  4. Did you know that the 3 “X” on Amsterdam`s blazon is a symbol for the 3 kisses Dutch people give when greeting each other rather than the languages they speak.
  5. Sources vary in regard to the number of bridges in Amsterdam. There are between 1200-1700 bridges in Amsterdam, while in Venice there are only 409, connecting those 177 canals.
Fun facts about Amsterdam Netherlands:  There are between 1200-1700 bridges in Amsterdam
There are between 1200-1700 bridges in Amsterdam, while in Venice there are only 409, connecting those 177 canals.
  1. Amsterdam is home to lots of different nationalities, over 180 to be exact. That is incredible for such a “small” city. Therefore you can also find a big variety of spoken languages and it is very easy to connect to others and get around in Amsterdam.
  2. One main attraction of Amsterdam is their houseboats. More than 3000 houseboats stretch out over their canals.
Fun facts about Amsterdam Netherlands: One main attraction of Amsterdam is their houseboats.
One main attraction of Amsterdam is their houseboats. More than 3000 houseboats stretch out over their canals.
  1. ADAM or DAM is short for Amsterdam. The city has lots of nicknames, also known as “Venice of the North” because of the number of its canals but “Jerusalem of the North” because of its previous high population of Jewish people.
  2. Did you know that the black houses indicate that the previous people who lived there were infected during the plague, not because the owners like that color.
  3. Have you noticed that many houses are built tilt? That’s because in former times those houses used to be warehouses where goods were stored and pulled up. In order to leave no damage to the buildings on the way up the houses were built slightly tilt.
  4. Amsterdam’s airport Schiphol is 4 meters below sea level. In case this rises, there might be no airport anymore but a port instead.

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