What A Frequent Traveler’s Medicine Bag Should Contain

We’ve all had that feeling Kevin’s mom from Home Alone experienced on the plane – have I forgotten something? Things will be forgotten every now and then (hopefully not your offspring), but while we’re all accustomed to checking if we’ve packed the pants and shoes, chances are you’ve left behind a crucial piece of medicine. So, instead of making a list every time you travel, we’ve made a universal one for you. Let’s see what a traveler’s medicine bag should contain to make your journey safe and prevent any mishaps!

Crucial Things For Traveler’s Medicine Bag

Probiotics for easy digestion

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You’ve probably heard by now that approximately 80% of our immune system is located in and around our gut. Add to that common travel issues such as constipation and diarrhea. It’s no news that you need to take care of any gut imbalances with a quality probiotic.

Elderberry for your immune system

According to an Australian study on air travelers and immune system protection, elderberry is a very handy supplement to reduce the symptoms and duration of colds. This will be especially handy to carry in a traveler’s medicine bag if you travel during flu season!

Multivitamins on the go

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How diligent are you with your nutrition when you’re traveling? Me neither. Since you’re very unlikely to get your five a day, enriching your diet with a multivitamin supplement will make your travels easier on your health.

Magnesium for aches and pains

Whether it’s menstrual or muscular cramps; soreness from being stuck on a plane for too long; or an old injury, taking magnesium supplements can be a healthier alternative to classic pain-killers. It’s particularly handy when combined with herbs such as ginger and white willow, which are anti-inflammatory by nature.

Melatonin for time-travelers

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Switching time-zones causes your biological clock to go haywire, hence the need to find a way to adjust better and possibly prevent or soothe jetlag. Melatonin is a hormone that your body produces and helps keep your circadian rhythm in check – and you can also take it in supplement form to regulate your sleeping patterns abroad.

Pepto to soothe your stomach

Perhaps your stomach doesn’t handle travel too well, or you might try some local delicacy with new spices that will upset your stomach, but using something mild such as Pepto Bismol will help you with heart-burn, nausea and similar issues.

Allergy relief

Don’t forget to put antihistamines into your traveler’s medicine bag in case you already have allergies to take care of. There’s a chance you might be allergic to something in your country of destination. For the sake of prevention, check with your doctor if you are going to encounter something unusual where you’re going, and what medicine will be best in those situations. A mild antihistamine will help you deal with a wide spectrum of symptoms, from sneezing, watery eyes to itchy bites.

Quick cold remedies

Just in case you catch a fever or a mild cold despite your best efforts with multivitamins and other supplements, it’s always wise to have enough cold and flu medicine on hand. They will help you handle your fever, throat aches and other lovely accompanying symptoms, and hopefully prevent you from a trip to the doctor’s office abroad.

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