Four Awesome Luxury Resorts And Hotels to Visit in 2019

Are you planning on going on a vacation soon? Whether it’s by yourself or with company, a luxury escape once a year can really make life worth living. There are countless places for you to choose from when planning your next luxury destination. In fact, sometimes the hardest part of planning your vacation is deciding where you want to go. There are all kinds of unique luxury resorts and hotels you can escape to. Sadly, vacations don’t last forever and we can’t visit every resort out there. This means that you need to pick the right destination for your trip.

Where should you begin with the selection process? There are exotic resorts spread across Dubai that look like architectural art pieces. You can also go to places like the Maldives where you can spend your vacation right above the sea. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to decide. We have done all the research put together a handy list for you. This list will familiarize you with the top four best luxury resorts and hotels that you absolutely must visit this year.

#1 – Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai

Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai; luxury resorts and hotels
Photo: Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Dubai is known for its exotic beaches and its even more exotic buildings. This city’s skyline is dotted with a number of impressive structures. The Jumeriah Beach Hotel is one of the many uniquely shaped buildings that you will find in Dubai’s skyline. This hotel has a building made almost entirely of glass. It shimmers brilliantly under the strong desert sun of Dubai throughout the year.

The hotel’s wave-patterned structure is a sight to behold. And what’s more, this hotel is located on the world-famous Jumeirah Beach. The Jumeirah Beach Hotel started doing business in 1997. The hotel’s incredible architectural design, 5-star service and location have made it one of the most notable resorts of the UAE.

A really cool thing about this resort is that its unique design does more than just make the building look pretty. The wave design building ensures that each of the 618 rooms in this building get a full view of the sea. No matter which room you book, you’ll get to view the brilliant sea through a floor to ceiling window at all times.

Along with having 618 rooms, the building has around 20 restaurants in it. You can find a large variety of cuisines without having to set foot outside the building. After exploring the many unique and exciting dishes that this resort has to offer, you can go for a walk on its private beach.

There are also five swimming pools, a spa, a number of water sports and a kids’ club as well, all under one roof. The number of facilities this resort has to offer is mind-blowing. If you’ve wanted to go to Dubai for a while, this resort just might convince you entirely.

#2 – Adaaran Prestige Water Villas, Maldives

Adaaran Prestige Water Villas, Maldives
Photo: Adaaran Prestige Water Villas

The Maldives have been regarded as a tropical paradise for many years now. These islands are known for having a very low sea level. This means the islands seem more like floating platforms than proper pieces of land. And this is exactly what makes the Maldives so enchanting.

The Adaaran Prestige Water Villas Resort cashes in on this aspect of the Maldives. This resort consists of beautiful water villas that are literally right on top of the sea. These villas are designed with luxury in mind, they each come with incredibly gorgeous wooden interiors. Every villa also has a glass-bottomed sun deck that lets you enjoy the beauty of the Maldives to the fullest.

A vacation spent in this resort is going to be a blast if you love the ocean, sandy beaches and plenty of sun. These villas are designed to provide you with the best of both worlds. You get the full-on experience of living in a seaside hut while also having access to modern amenities. There’s satellite TV, mini bars and espresso machines as well. Whether you’re looking for a luxury escape or for a place for your honeymoon, these villas are worth going to.

#3 – The Lexington, New York

Lexington Hotel, New York
Photo: Lexington Hotel

A vacation doesn’t necessarily have to be in some exotic location. You can have a ton of fun in the heart of a bustling city as well. The Lexington Hotel first opened its doors to the public in 1929. This was back when the jazz era was in full swing. What makes The Lexington so appealing is its long history of interactions with notable celebrities.

The Lexington Hotel underwent a hefty renovation in 2018 in order to fully embrace its reputation for being a celebrity magnet. The renovation redesigned several areas of the hotel to follow various celebrity-based themes. You can choose from several unique rooms to stay in. The hotel also has a huge collection of art that you can explore at your leisure.

The hotel is also known for its exceptional service quality and its location. The Lexington is situated in an incredibly convenient part of New York. You can explore all the notable locations of this city over the duration of your stay.

#4 – Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi; luxury resorts and hotels
Photo: Emirates Palace

The Emirates Palace has made a reputation for itself by winning awards for its outstanding service year after year. This resort has received countless awards for its spa, 5-star service and delectable food. Just this year, the Emirates Palace won the title for “The Middle East’s Leading Luxury Hotel.”

The Emirates Palace has 394 luxury suites and rooms to choose from. An interesting thing about the hotel is its dedication to providing guests with a full-on Arabian fantasy experience.

From the architecture to the service it offers, this hotel is a super place for anyone who wants to experience the luxurious Arab lifestyle in all its glory. The Emirates Palace has a plethora of fine cuisines to offer, spa treatments, pools and a private beach area.

The Emirates Palace takes the word “luxury” very seriously. This resort comes equipped with everything to keep you pampered throughout the duration of your stay.

Choosing the perfect luxury hotel for yourself

Even after narrowing down our choices to only four luxury resorts and hotels, there’s still so much to think about. So what should one do? Well, the easiest way to go about this is to make a list of all the luxury resorts and hotels you want to visit. Then set a goal for yourself to visit one resort every year. Or you could get in touch with the best luxury travel agent in Denver, Colorado and have them assist you.

You can head over to the UAE for an exotic luxurious experience this year and then visit someplace livelier such as The Lexington in New York next year. There’s nothing holding you back, so take your time and get the most out of everything.

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