Florida Road Trip: A Soul Soothing Vacation

If you are in need of a road trip that truly warms and soothes the soul, then look no further than the sunny, southernmost state in America. A Florida road trip contains all of the essential ingredients needed to refresh and recharge your mind and soul. Keep in mind that this US state is massive, containing many different styles of terrain and scenery. Travelers have the beautiful gulf coast, the hundreds of miles of coast along the Atlantic, and the lush middle of the state to explore in their RV rentals. As a long, narrow state it would be advisable to try to hit all three; and it wouldn’t be too much of a problem to accomplish this as long as you map out the right route. Either way, there are a wide range of factors that make Florida the ultimate road trip to sooth the soul.

Florida road trip vacation, Miami
Miami, Florida

Florida Road Trip Vacation


Florida is a sub-tropical environment, meaning you will enjoy warmth there no matter the time of year. Even in the dead of winter, you can enjoy a Florida road trip vacation devoid of snow and cold. If an endless summer sounds like it would soothe your soul, then you will certainly find that here. Swimmers enjoy the waters on both the gulf and Atlantic coasts year-round. The further south you go, the warmer it gets, so if you truly wish to bask in winter warmth then check out the Keys or other destinations to the south of the state. But rest assured that even the northernmost regions of the state enjoy relative warmth all year round.

Florida roadtrip, Sunset in Key Largo
Sunset in Key Largo: Image on Flickr by Giuseppe Milo / CC BY 2.0


Florida enjoys some of the best scenery the country has to offer. Many of the country’s greatest beaches can be found here, from the white sands of the Atlantic coast to the clear waters of the gulf side. Lush, tropical forests take up much of the state. You also have the gorgeous Everglades and other expanses of swamp and marshlands to admire. From sparkling, modern cities such as Miami and Tampa to chill beach towns like Dunedin, the urban scenery is something to behold here as well. And if you truly want majestic sights, then check out the famous Keys at the southernmost tip of the state where miles of coastline, stunning sunsets, and strings of islands will cast you into the heart of a tropical paradise.

Sunset in the Everglades
Sunset in the Everglades


Along with the breathtaking scenery comes an abundance of exotic wildlife. First of all you have a wide range of rare birds from flamingos to herrings to great cranes. Then you have the truly adorable Manatees that swim the waters of both coasts. You have a wide range of tropical fish and colorful, harmless lizards that perch themselves on trees. There is certainly much to be enjoyed here, if wildlife is the type of thing that soothes your soul.

Florida Roadtrip, Flamingo Shaking Head,neck
Flamingo shaking its neck


It is unbelievable the sheer number of activities there are to enjoy throughout Florida. You have your water sports from swimming to surfing to boating to paddle boarding. Florida has some of the best hiking terrain in the country, covering marshes, tropical forests, coastlines, swamps, and even mountainous regions. You have caves to explore, lots of camping opportunities, expansive trails and wildlife parks, and nature preserves that will allow you to bask in the true native beauty of this national treasure.

If it is soul searching you are looking for, then a Florida road trip vacation is ripe with the sunshine, scenery, activities, and wildlife that you need to recharge and feel better. So make sure to take advantage of one of America’s most unique and gorgeous destinies. You will return from your USA holiday tanned, relaxed, and feeling all around better in the body and the soul.

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