LA through the Eyes of a First-Time LA Visitor

Visiting Los Angeles for the very first time is nothing like the Hollywood experience you see on TV; it’s so much more! We all know what LA looks like through the lens of a camera, but feeling it first-hand is something completely different. This place isn’t just something you see; you can taste, smell, touch and, most notably, hear it. If you too are planning to be a first-time LA visitor, here are a few places to visit.

How to be a First-Time LA Visitor

Be a tourist

Be a tourist. First-Time LA Visitor. First-Time LA Visitor

Los Angeles is the perfect place for tourists and if you’re looking for a real sightseeing adventure, it’s a better choice than cities like Tokyo, Paris, Rome or New York. This city is totally tourist-oriented and it will show you all the things you’ve always wanted to see and experience. From the world-famous Hollywood sign and the Walk of Fame to the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Universal Studio Theme Park; LA has it all! And if you wish to relax; you can always visit one of the city’s many beaches such as Santa Monica or Venice; where you can swim, dive, surf or just walk around and enjoy the view.

Be adventurous

Ferris Wheel, LA. First-Time LA Visitor
Ferris Wheel, LA. Flickr: Patrick Pelletier / CC BY-SA 2.0

However, not everyone is a fan of tourist attractions. There are lots of people who prefer an active vacation; instead of simply lying on the beach for ten days straight. Again, Los Angeles has a lot to offer to these people as well. You can do simple things being a first-time LA visitor, like riding the Ferris wheel at the aforementioned Santa Monica pier, or kayak down the Los Angeles River, but you can take your adventure on another level, too.

Be an explorer

Be an explorer. First-Time LA Visitor

While staying in LA, you simply can’t afford to miss the chance to rent a car (this is important, so make sure you rent something convertible), and take a bit of a road trip to Las Vegas. It’s there, so you simply can’t afford not to visit it. You don’t have to spend a fortune at the blackjack table, but take your time to cruise around the Strip (hence the convertible), and visit one of the shows.

Among the more adventurous activities you could find is trampoline jumping at the amazing FLIPnOUT Xtreme – while this may sound simple and unexciting at first, it’s actually a perfect way to show your courageous side and do something completely unexpected.

Be a gourmet

Be a gourmet. First-Time LA Visitor

People often think that tourists who visit Los Angeles eat and drink nothing else but fast food and Coca-Cola and while this may be true for some, it doesn’t have to be the way you encounter the food scene in LA. Making unhealthy food choices is more than easy here, but if you scratch the surface and look for high-quality restaurants; you’ll surely be able to dine affordably and healthy. LA restaurants are modern and distinctive; and the menu they serve is flexible and versatile, so anyone can find their favorite meal quite quickly. Places like Verlaine, Kismet and Tao are just a few of the best LA restaurants you can explore no matter what kind of food you usually cook and eat.

Be a fan

Be a fan. First-Time LA Visitor

With several amazing sports teams stationed in LA – now since the Rams have finally returned home at the beginning of last season – every single person in this great town is able to find some sort of sport-related entertainment for themselves, and the same goes for tourists, too. Regardless of how long you’re staying, you should attend a sporting event and experience something you’ve only witnessed on TV. Basketball fans can choose between the Lakers, the Clippers and the Sparks; while those who prefer soccer, baseball, football and hockey won’t be disappointed, either. Visiting a place that’s home to at least one team in all the five major leagues is quite unique, so don’t miss this opportunity while being a first-time LA visitor.

Plan ahead

With so many different things to see and visit in Los Angeles; you need to plan ahead and make a detailed schedule before arriving. Ultimately, only with proper organization will you be able to do everything you’ve planned; and make your first visit to LA truly enjoyable!

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