First Time Cruisers – Making Every Minute Fun!

Going on a cruise is one of the most exciting things that you will experience.  Doing something for the first time always gives that giddy feeling of high when venturing into something new.  First time cruisers get that same thrill when they embark on their first cruise, I know I did. Sometimes in all the excitement you forget that preparing for the trip is important for you to have a hassle free adventure. I am a bit fussy about these things and I took the time to plan and prepare, I’d say I did my homework pretty well because my first cruise was spectacular with very little hitches. I want to share this with you all first time cruisers so the experience will be just as exciting and enjoyable for you.

Allure of the Seas - First Time Cruisers
Allure of the Seas

First off, you need to know that there are some things that you cannot control, your luggage can be late or your cabin is not what you expected or the perfect cruise was not as perfect as you thought. Don’t let that daunt you or dampen your mood, being prepared will help you cope and still enjoy every minute of the cruise regardless if there are minor hitches. Here are a few things that can help you get the most out of your first cruise.

Tips for First Time Cruisers

What is your main purpose for the cruise? Honeymoon, vacation, relaxation or cruising with friends, be sure to scout for cruise lines that will be able to give you the ambiance that is suitable for your purpose. Other things you need to consider when choosing a cruise ship is the food, for some people food choices on board is important, for me its everything. The worst thing you can do is to get on board a cruise ship with a bad record with food and service. Be sure to read the reviews before you book your cruise.

Buffet Dinner on Board - First Time Cruisers
Buffet Dinner on Board

Cruise Reviews

Do your homework. Cruises as much as they are enjoyable cost money, you don’t want to waste money and the chance to enjoy by not doing your homework. Read up on reviews as I have mentioned earlier, read online forums and learn all you can about your particular cruise. Embarking, luggage transport and pick up, the most convenient way to get to the port of call and getting back home. Little things that make a big difference. If you are unsure don’t be afraid to ask, I’m sure your the cruise lines will be more than happy to answer your questions, otherwise you can ask people from cruise forums and discussions for tips most of the people there are experienced cruisers that are happy to help first time cruisers.

Packing for a Cruise

Pack wisely. First time cruisers might find this challenging. Some people will say pack lightly, others will say pack as much as you can since luggage allowances are quite generous for cruises. However, I say pack wisely. Meaning bring only the things that you really need and you don’t really need a lot on a cruise. What is the point of dragging along 90kgs of luggage when you can do with 50. It will be a major convenience for you on your trip to the port and during embarkation because you’d have less luggage to worry about. Make sure you have a separate carry-on bag that has your essentials, medicines and identification, cards and anything else that you think you will need for an emergency. Even if your luggage comes in late you won’t have to worry because you have everything you need.

Queuing on Board - First Time Cruisers
Queuing on Board

Don’t stress over things you cannot change, instead prepare yourself so you can cope and still enjoy even if some things don’t go your way.  There are a lot of fun things to do on-board aside from watching the waves and scouting fish so make sure you know what your cruise lines have in store for you. Be careful what you spend on board though because even if you have an all-inclusive ticket there are some things that are not included, like alcohol. This can rack up your bill and ruin a perfectly good cruise. At the end of the cruise what you want to be thinking of is planning your next cruise not how you are going to pay the bill you accumulated from over indulging.

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