Top Tips For Booking Your First Cycling Holiday

If you’re looking to book yourself an exciting getaway in the new year, a cycling holiday is ideal for go-getters. It’s a great option for people who tend to get restless on standard holidays, and an unusual way to enjoy sightseeing, allowing you to make the most of rural, mountain, or city scenery – often with great stops at restaurants, wineries, and museums. If you love cycling but have never considered a two-wheeled holiday before, Europe is a great destination to start, and Exodus have some great deals over the coming months.

First Cycling Holiday Booking Tips: Autumn Bike Track with Cyclist

First Cycling Holiday Booking Tips

Choose What Suits You

Broadly speaking, when booking a cycling holiday you’re most likely to go road cycling – it’s easy, it’s safe, and it can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Of course, there’s still options for different types of cycling holiday, so choose what best suits your stamina and comfort level, as while city tours are great for those looking for a shorter holiday and lots of sightseeing, adrenaline junkies will love the freeing sensation of mountain cycling. Of course, if you’re booking as part of a group or taking your kids along, it’s important to make sure that everybody has a similar level of stamina – younger children might prefer the option of a tandem cycle, so they can glide along when they get too tired.

First Cycling Holiday Booking Tips: Quiet Country Road

Combine Your Activities

As much as you love cycling, a week of straight cycling on a road is going to tire you out, so be sure to mix and match cycling with other activities. An afternoon in a museum or a day at the beach will keep you actively enjoying what’s on offer in a new destination, while allowing your body to recuperate a little before moving onto the next leg of your adventure. Better yet, book a spa day either in the middle or at the very end of your holiday, to soothe any sore muscles before heading onwards or heading home. Remember that you are on holiday, so it’s important to have a break at some point.

First Cycling Holiday Booking Tips: Bikes on Beach

Prepare In Advance

Gear is really the only cumbersome part of a cycling holiday, so be sure to make arrangements in advance. If you are bringing your own bike from home, find out what arrangements need to be made to get it over – if you are travelling on the Eurostar a small fee is charged, whereas if you are travelling by coach or plane you should be able to place your bike in the luggage hold with minimal fuss. If you are planning to rent a cycle, be sure to ask about tyres and frames beforehand, and always remember to buy sports travel insurance to protect you and your bike in case of any accidents.

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