Finland Festivities: A Quintessential Holiday Experience 

Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, is a town located in Northern Finland. Once demolished and torn after World War II, it rebuilt itself and is now one of the most popular cities in Finland. What is its claim to fame? Rovaniemi is said to be the hometown of Santa Claus. The town also honors many holiday traditions such as Christmas Eve dinner, caroling, and ending the evening with a sauna soak. If you’re a big fan of Christmas, visit with the family this winter and take part in numerous holiday-themed in a beautiful snowy setting. During these classic Finland festivities, you’ll experience a magical world filled with joy and kindness.

Finland Festivities: A Quintessential Holiday Experience

Santa Claus Village

Santa Claus Village. Finland Festivities
Santa Claus Village

When you take the family on holiday trip there’s no better place to stay than Santa Claus Village. The village is about eight miles north of Rovaniemi. You can fly into Rovaniemi Airport (RVN) and then rent a car so you’ll have the freedom to explore more of Santa Claus Village. There you can check into one of the individual cabins that offer a private sauna and terrace. All of them have also been modernized and now feature kitchenettes and updated bathrooms perfect for accommodating families. The cabins are about a two-minute walk to the main hall where a variety of activities such as ice fishing and reindeer safaris occur. These Finland festivities make it the quintessential holiday destination.

Family Activities

Saint Nikolas Talking to Kids at Santa Park. Finland Festivities
Saint Nikolas Talking to Kids at Santa Park

When you watch classic holiday movies such as It’s a Wonderful Life, you always see one of the stars participating in crafting or cookie decorating. Not far from Santa Claus Village is Santa Park, home of Father Christmas.   Here with the help of elves you can decorate Christmas cards or bake cookies with Mrs. Gingerbread while singing carols. There you can also visit the Ice Gallery with an actual ice princess; and for Mom and Dad an actual ice bar! There is also an opportunity to visit Santa’s Post Office where children can exchange letters with Father Christmas.

Other Finland Festivities Near Rovaniemi

Finland Festivities. Reindeer Farm
Reindeer Farm

Outside of Santa Claus Village are many other Christmas activities for the family to enjoy. The local theater also offers a holiday production called Christmas Story where guests learn about the life of orphaned Nikolas. The show is suitable for everyone seven and older. If you decide to see it, just know that the play is spoken in Finish and subtitled in English.

Following a visit to the theater, the family can visit Reindeer Farm. Not only can the family visit with the animals, but you can also go out for a sleigh ride tour of the farm where you can experience the breathtaking forest and scenery of Finland.

Lastly one could not visit Finland without taking in the Northern Lights. There are different options to see the Northern Lights, but the safari offered near Rovaniemi would be the most entertaining. The guide will prepare a snack over campfire to enjoy while viewing some of the most beautiful and mystical lights known to man.

With the holidays just around the corner, bundle up the family and book a flight now and rent a car to partake in Finland Festivities your family will never forget!

Written by Rita Roberts and edited by Iris A.

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