Fes Must Do Activities When Visiting Morocco

Many travelers consider Morocco their gateway to the African continent. The country’s rich culture is a product of its openness to various people throughout its history. Most tourists visit Marrakesh, the former imperial city but not very many make it to Fes, the country’s cultural capital. Its old city, Fes al Bali, is filled with stunning mosques that display the best of Moorish and Moroccan architecture. Fes is also a haven for foodies. The city hosts a variety of authentic Moroccan eateries ranging from street vendors to indulgent restaurants. It’s also a shopping haven for those looking for handicrafts to take back home. The city is the underrated gem of Morocco and taking part in these Fes must do activities, you will understand exactly why.

Top 4 Fes Must Do Activities

Walk along Talaa Kebeera

Shops,Stalls,Talaa Kebeera. Fes Must Do Activities,morocco
Shops and Stalls at Talaa Kebeera

You’ve probably heard that Fes has one of the largest pedestrian-only medinas. Watching people walk along Talaa Kebeera, the largest street in Fes, is just as fascinating as bartering for a well-crafted tagine. This throughfare within the Old Fes contains a variety of shops, souks and sights. You can shop for spices to create your own Moroccan blend, canvass the best tannery in the city or simply sit down and have tea.

Pass through the Bab Bou Jeloud

Fes Must Do Activities.,Blue Gate,morocco
The Blue Gate of Fes

There’s no mistaking that big gate that welcomes visitors to Fes’ Old City. Bab Bou Jeloud, more commonly referred to as the “Blue Gate,” is the main entrance to the old Medina. Passing through this gate is almost like going through a right of passage – into Morocco’s decorative past; and 1,300 years of history all blended into this one section of town is a tingling site to see for any traveler. Passing through the Bab Bou Jeloud is definitely one of the Fes must do activities.

Check out Medersa Bou Inania

Fes Must Do Activities, Interior Medersa Bou Inania,morocco
Interior Medersa Bou Inania

It is one of the oldest, yet most beautiful madrasa in the country. Its green-tiled minaret stands tall within the Old Medina. As you get closer, you’ll start to notice the intricate tile work and mosaics that make up its walls. Beautifully restored to its original splendor, Medersa Bou Inannia, the former college for Muslim intellectual now serves primarily as a religious institution. And it is one of the very few locations available for non-Muslims to enter. Best to hire a tour guide though, not only to get more out of the history of the place, but also to avoid the hassles of being a non-Muslim in a mosque.

Try the local street food

Fes Must Do Activities., Shawarma,morocco
Shawarma from Fes

A definite on your list of Fes must do activities is to try the local street food. Peruse the maze of narrow streets in the Old City and sample some brochettes. These meat skewers are typically smoked over a charcoal fire and finish with some sweet pastries. Stop by a bakery and sample a khobz and if you’re still hungry, order a shawarma. The city of Fes is also known for their high quality citruses – oranges and lemons in particular. Make sure to try some freshly squeeze orange juice for the road.

Have you visited and stayed in Fes? What other Fes must do activities can you recommend?

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