All Dressed Up In Milan: A Fashionista’s Guide

When you hear someone say that all the girls in Milan are dressed to the nines; chances are they are not exaggerating. Over the past few decades, the impeccable street style has become the most notable trademark of this city with a long history and magnificent cultural landmarks. This is why a mere visit to Duomo feels so glamorous; despite an incredible number of tourists roaming around the area all year long. On one side of the square, there is a marvelous Gallery of Modern Arts; and on the other, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele urges you to come inside and browse through its luxury boutiques. Yet, there are so many more reasons why you should visit Milan, especially if fashion is your passion or vocation of choice. Here’s a fashionista Milan tour guide to travel in style.

galleria vittorio emanuele,milan,italy. fashionista Milan tour
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele: Photo on Flickr by Paul Bica / CC BY 2.0

Your Ultimate Fashionista Milan Tour Guide


It is a well-known fact that shopping in Milan is a fantastic experience. However, despite the popular opinion, you don’t necessarily need a deep pocket to experience a great shopping adventure in Milan. Of course, the most popular shopping destinations are situated in the district that many call Quadrilatero d’Oro (rectangle of gold) and the above-mentioned Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in the city center where the high-end brands planted their wonderfully looking shops. But there are many other locations in the city where you can find marvelous garments for a much lower price during your fashionista Milan tour.

Madame Pauline, Vintage Delirium by Franco Jaccassi, Cavalli e Nastri, Mania Vintage and Humana are some of the best thrift shops in this corner of the world, and thus make a great stop for all fashionistas.

Quadrilatero della moda,milan,italy,via gesu. fashionista Milan tour
Looking north along Via Gesù in Milan’s Quadrilatero della moda: Photo on Wikipedia by Daniel Case / CC BY-SA 3.0

Design Week

Milan Fashion Week is being held twice a year in early Spring and early Fall. It is considered a major event in the industry. Contrary to the more experiential events in New York and London, FW Milan always stays grounded in the long-lasting Italian tradition of luxury goods and great design. Although the majority of shows is closed to the public, the latest trends are easy to spot on the streets of Milan at the time, since the whole city basically becomes a huge runway. All things considered, Milan Fashion Week is well-worth attending (in some way or another). Because this experience will definitely shape your stand on fashion, style, and the industry itself.

Fashion Education

Considering the long design tradition that is being nurtured in this town, Milan makes a great stop for those who want to pursue a career in fashion; and gain formal education in various fields of this industry. Milan is home to a number of high-profile design schools. For instance, Raffles Istituto Moda e Design and their Master in Womenswear Fashion Design, led by fashion designer Gabriele Colangelo, exemplify how creativity can be accelerated through our familiarity with tradition and, later on, advanced with modern technology and other innovative techniques. Such contemporary schools also provide opportunities for students to meet some of the major personalities in the fashion industry. Because they believe that the best approach in education is to be led by example. Luckily, there are so many design influencers that live in Milan to learn from!

Milano Fashion Week & Design. fashionista Milan tour
Milano Fashion Week & Design, 02/2011: Photo on Flickr by Mat’s Eye / CC BY 2.0

Art & Design

Fashion design is just one aspect of the city’s dedication to style. Milan is also hometown to numerous high-profile furniture manufacturers with a long tradition, sometimes even a century old. Calligaris, Cappellini, Cassina, Pianca, and Molteni&C are some of the most renowned furniture brands in the world, and they all grew their roots in Milan. The list goes on, of course, and every spring, the best can be found on Salone del Mobile, by far the greatest Furniture Fair in the world, still relevant today as much as it was a few decades ago. If you consider yourself a design lover, you must visit Milan in the late April at least once in your lifetime. It is the time of the year when the entire city becomes a huge museum of design. You’ll love each step you’ll make. Just don’t forget those comfy sneakers you have back home!

Overall Appeal

There is so much to Milan and all its fabulousness. You can learn so much about style just by walking down the streets during your fashionista Milan tour; and absorbing the surroundings and that comfortable yet glamorous feel. There is a strong reason why Milan is considered the most up-to-date city in Italy. We’ve covered just a few of them.

fashionista Milan tour. Salone Del Mobile Milano
Salone Del Mobile Milano 2012: Photo on Flickr by Normann Copenhagen / CC BY-SA 2.0

If you have a passion for any aspect of the fashion industry, whether as a consumer or an aspiring professional, a fashionista Milan tour is the way to go. Also worth mentioning: cuisine is great, wines even more so. There is always a show, a concert or an exhibition to attend; as well as the inspiring historic landmarks to explore. And finally, after a long day of hard work, you can always take a break and get a cup of coffee in the extravagant slice of cuteness designed by Wes Anderson in the Prada Foundation. What serious fashionista wouldn’t like that?!

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