Fantastic Athens Holidays: The ultimate guide for a top European City Break

Athens is the most enigmatic cities in Europe. The city is one of the oldest cities in the world, with more than 3,400 years of history behind it. Therefore the things you will see in Athens are endless and unparallel. The Greek Capital features the most iconic architecture on earth. A fascinating and mysterious city, Athens was the centre of literature, art and philosophy. Birthplace of Socrates and Plato, its history began with a myth that attributes the construction of the city to the goddess Athena. This glorious city is not only monuments, myths and legends, it is also a modern place full of street vendors, pubs and clubs. Be ready to enjoy fantastic Athens holidays! In this post, you can find the ultimate guide for a top European City Break. Check out this selection for places to visit in Athens.

Fantastic Athens Holidays – City Vacation

The Parthenon

Fantastic Athens Holidays, The parthenon

Even if you are not a huge fan of archaeology and history, the Acropolis and the Parthenon will leave you speechless. The Acropolis and its beautiful monuments are a universal symbol of the classical spirit that immediately will immerse you in its mysterious atmosphere. Certainly, the Parthenon is the perfect spot to begin your fantastic holidays in Athens. The Acropolis is the largest architectural remain from the Greek civilisation.


Cobblestone Street in Plaka
Cobblestone Street in Plaka

The old historical precinct of Plaka is an area inhabited for more than 5,000 years that has not been affected nor modify during centuries. Due to its appearance, Plaka is one of the most visited areas of Athens; this area is full of elegant shops, palaces and Byzantine churches; as well as hidden monuments and narrow cobbled streets.

Syntagma Square

Fantastic Athens Holidays, Syntagma Square
Pedestrians in Syntagma Square

The name of Syntagma means Constitution. Syntagma square has a long history in the city; we can say that the major events of the country have either been celebrated or mourned in Syntagma Square. This area has not only been the scenario of the biggest political pep-rally, but also has been the scenario of battles between communists and Nazis. Nowadays, Syntagma Square is a symbol and serves as a meeting point for locals and tourists.

The Agora

Fantastic Athens Holidays, Temple of Hephaestus, agora
Temple of Hephaestus next to the Ancient Agora excavation

The Agora was one of the most important areas of Ancient Greek. It was the place where people gathered to buy and sell goods; and where politicians and philosophers assembled to discuss all kind of topics that ranged from politics and social events to the origin of the universe and the divine.

After enjoying the beautiful architecture of Athens, take time out to soak up the sun at any of the numerous beaches of Greece. Athens features stunning beaches with powdery sands and sparkling waters. Take advantage of this and consider book your lodging on a beautiful beachfront hotel in Athens. If you are looking for quiet beaches and idyllic surroundings you must visit Glyfada. To access to this beach, you must pay a fee for your access, but the stunning beach and the unspoilt coves worth each penny.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy fantastic Athens holidays and discover the top attractions of the city.

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