Family-Friendly Winter Holiday Destinations

Travelling with kids is always a little stressful; but it’s all the worse when you end up in the wrong place. When the weather isn’t right, all of the attractions are closed, and the kids are restless, it can be hard to enjoy yourself. Avoid that problem by choosing one of these family-friendly winter holiday destinations which are perfect for a winter visit.

Best Family-Friendly Winter Holiday Destinations

The Slopes of Montana

Winter Holiday Destinations

If your kids love getting outdoors and are always full of beans, Montana is a great place to spend a couple of weeks in the winter. The ski resorts here offer skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and even horseback riding. Many resorts also have special programs to entertain kids which will include a wide range of activities. While the kids use up all of their energy; you can hit the slopes yourself or spend some time warming up in the lodges. Whether you go for a luxury ski resort or something a little more budget-friendly, this is a great option for active families.

Don’t forget, it’s not just Montana that has ski slopes open in the winter: you can go anywhere from North America to Europe, with the Alps in Italy as just one more example of an area where you can find plentiful ski resorts waiting for you.

The Beaches of the Bahamas

Winter Holiday Destinations

When you want to get some sun in the winter; you can head to a number of locations that have beach sunshine all year round. The Bahamas are one such example, with beautiful golden sands that offer the chance to slip on a swimsuit in December. You can top up your tan, play with dolphins, spend hours in the swimming pool or the sea, or splash around in a water park. Many resorts will offer kids clubs which include a wide range of activities to keep them occupied – and safe – during the day. This leaves the adults time to relax in bars, go shopping, or just sleep on a sun lounger.

If you want some beaches that will be a little cheaper, you can consider locations like California where it is also sunny year-round, or Caribbean islands such as the Dominican Republic. If price isn’t a problem, you can also head to luxury resorts in Hawaii.

The Lights of Norway

Winter Holiday Destinations

During winter, you can often get more reliable and frequent glimpses of the Northern Lights; which means that it’s a perfect time to head over to a country like Norway. Here you can have a classic winter wonderland getaway, staying in a remote cabin or a well-padded resort. The kids will adore activities like husky-driven sleds or sleighs pulled by reindeer; and there’s plenty of fun to be had in the snow as well.

If Norway isn’t your first choice, there are lots of other countries where the Aurora Borealis can be seen too. Try Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Canada, or even Alaska in the USA.

The Streets of New York

Winter Holiday Destinations

Winter can be a great time to try a city break with the kids. In countries where the winter is cold, tourist rates tend to drop for big cities, which means you’ll be better able to explore. You won’t have to fight through as many crowds at museums, galleries, parks, and other winter holiday destinations. That’s a great advantage when you have children in tow.

If New York isn’t your only option – consider London, Rome, Toronto, and so on!

You might be surprised to learn how much choice is available for a winter holiday, even one that is family-friendly. There’s a lot to choose from, so your new problem will be narrowing the list down!

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