Fall in New England in Pictures

Pictures of Fall in New England

I’ve been living in Vermont for almost half a year now. It’s been good to say the least. Summer has been fantastic – weatherwise probably the best summer of my life. Known as the Green Mountain State, Vermont is indeed covered with lush green forests and woods in summer. It is a great place for outdoor activities.

Fall in New England: Road in New Hampshire
Road in New Hampshire

In fact, all of New England is pretty nice. Not only Vermont, but also New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut consist of state parks, lakes and either mountains or a stunning coastline. This summer I spent a week on the coast in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, visited Boston and the beautiful typically New England coastal towns of Salem and Portsmouth, explored the fabulous coast of Maine with a tent – including Acadia National Park – and summited a dozen mountains in both Vermont and New Hampshire. Can’t say that it hasn’t been great!

Fall in New England: House in Vermont
House in the Fall

However, no matter how great summer was, it doesn’t nearly come close to autumn or the fall in New England. I’ve heard about Indian Summers and New England’s fall foliage before, but now that I’m seeing it with my own eyes, I totally get it. It’s spectacular.

Fall in New England: Walkers Ravine
Walkers Ravine, New Hampshire’s White Mountains

In only a couple of weeks those green forests of summer have changed to forests of yellow and red and literally every color in between. It’s fabulous. I realize that I’m using a lot of superlatives here, but this – fall in New England – is what those words are invented for. There’s color everywhere I look. Leaves in the ground provide a stark contrast to the still green grass, blue skies and white clouds counter the orangey hillsides; bales of hay and pumpkins lay in front yards; freshly picked berries are sold in farm stands on the side of the back roads. As the days grow shorter, the sun’s position in the sky lowers, covering the land in long shadows and a glow of magnificent morning and late afternoon light.

Fall in New England: Vermont Farm Stand
Vermont Farm Stand

This is the high season over here. All types of accommodation are fully booked and the roads are congested with leaf-peepers. And everyone’s right; renting a car or a motorhome or RV rental from New York is the best way to experience fall in New England.

October is my favorite season by far.

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