Exploring Drinks while Traveling: Fun & Festive Beverages Worldwide

Exploring Drinks while Traveling: Fun and Festive Drinks from Around the World, cocktail,cheers

From Korea to France, and from Australia to Russia, each country has its own way of partying and having fun. Incidentally, they all have their own way of boozing as well, and we’re very excited about the prospect of trying each country’s different traditional drink. Going on a trip or looking to make a party with unique drinks at home? Well, then there are a few fun and festive beverages worldwide that you just have to know about!

Fun & Festive Beverages Worldwide to Taste on your Travels

Bubble tea, Taiwan

The famous boba drink is from Taiwan! Traditionally made with tea, milk, and tapioca, now we get to mix it up and use little boba bubbles for an explosion of taste each time you pop one in the mouth! This is a really fun drink to try with a meal in Taiwan, especially if you’re going somewhere with kids, and we encourage you to mix and match flavors and to create a unique blend that you’ll love. Enjoy the chewy tapioca or fruit jelly, and enjoy this colorful, sweet tea.

Exploring Drinks while Traveling: Fun and Festive Drinks from Around the World, Bubble Tea, Taiwan
Bubble Tea, Taiwan

Subak Hwachae, Korea

One of the most refreshing things to try on the hot days, this delicious drink is actually made mostly out of watermelon. The flesh is carved out and cut into little chunks, then served in a bowl with ice, watermelon juice, honey, and usually some spirit drink like the Korean soju (vodka or gin can work as well). Keep the drinks refrigerated, then take them out and serve them at a garden party and you’ll have a great way to cool down during blistering summer heats.

Mulled wine, Australia

Mmm, the delicious mulled wine. Australians simply love it! Making spicy mulled wine with cinnamon, cloves, and lemon and orange slices is one of their biggest holiday traditions. Aussies generally love to consume wine during holidays, so if you ever go there, make sure to find a great bottle shop in Haymarket and get yourself some great, tasty wine. Once you’ve grabbed the wine, you can add some unique Aussie twists to the recipe: ground ginger, honey, nutmeg, and a bit of pineapple juice. Enjoy!

Exploring Drinks while Traveling: Fun and Festive Drinks from Around the World, Mulled wine, Australia
Mulled wine, Australia

Sangria, Spain

The Spanish sangria is usually prepared with orange juice, but we can recommend pretty much any fruit with a stronger flavor to spice up the drink. Serve it cold with lemon or orange slices for garnish and enjoy a hot night of Spanish food, dances and sangria. This drink is pretty much perfect for parties, so check out these recipes if you want to make something a little different that will wow you with the taste.

Exploring Drinks while Traveling: Fun and Festive Drinks from Around the World, Sangria, Spain
Sangria, Spain

Irish Coffee, Ireland

Putting whiskey in your coffee is a very… Irish thing to do. We absolutely love it. The alcohol gives it such a sharp taste, and in combination with coffee and cream it’s downright sinfully delicious. Coffee, whiskey, and cream are the basic ingredients, but the recipe can definitely be mixed up to make something different. Espresso machines come in handy here and can be used to give a very rich taste to the drink, and you might wish to use brown sugar to sweeten the flavor. Irish Coffee is a pretty great drink to serve for St. Patrick’s Day if you like, but you can also enjoy it if you simply want a boozier alternative to your coffee. There’s just one thing you must never leave out – a proper Irish whiskey!

Limoncello, Italy

What a fun, easy drink to enjoy. It’s particularly popular in the Southern parts of Italy, and it’s said to aid digestion after a meal. Limoncello is also the name of the syrup used to make this fancy Italian drink, but you can definitely make your own homemade version of it: all you need is sugar, lemon juice, and Limoncello liqueur (which you can find at the store). The best thing about this is that your syrup doesn’t even necessarily need to be for an alcoholic drink – you can add it to your yoghurt, to your fruits salad, or even to your cake mix. That’s right, you can use it for cooking as well, especially if you like lemony sweets and tarts.

Melon con Vino, Chile

Another great drink to serve in the summer (or in winter, in case you really miss the hot days). Melon con Vino, as the name implies, is white wine served in a bowl made out of a halved melon! Slice the melon in half, carve out the seeds, and then pour chilled white wine in it. Serve it with a side dish of fruit slices and don’t forget to add a straw!

Exploring Drinks while Traveling: Fun and Festive Drinks from Around the World, Melon con Vino, Chile
Melon con Vino, Chile

We hope you enjoy our picks from delicious booze around the world! There’s nothing like a good cocktail to get you in the mood and help you enjoy your trip, so if you’re traveling to any of these countries make sure to try them!

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