Exploring the Coast near Faro Portugal in a Campervan

The southern coast of Portugal is on similar latitude to southern Greece and Turkey. This makes it a popular destination for seekers after sunshine from northern climes. It is a particularly lovely place with whitewashed buildings blending with stately Moorish architecture invaders left behind. Faro is a perfect spot to pick up a rental motorhome, since it is near the midpoint of the coastal strip at the southernmost tip. Here are some highlights of the coast near Faro Portugal that you should definitely visit yourself.

Marihna Beach near Lagoa, Algarve. Wikimedia: Luc.T BY CC BY 2.0

The Stunning Coast near Faro Portugal

Faro has remained a popular destination since the Phoenicians discovered the safe anchorage. Since then, invaders have come and gone from Africa to the south, and Rome from the east. It has an extensive coastal nature park including a river, lagoons, peninsulas, and small islands. The Ilha Barreta beach just south of it is a famous place for collecting seashells. We felt so wonderfully part of nature as we bedded down for the night in our motorhome.

Faro Ilha Barreta: Animaris BY CC 3.0

Travelling Westward from Faro towards Portimão

We shun the high-speed P1 motorway in favour of the quieter A22. On our journey along the Algarve we find many opportunities to divert to the coast, and explore old fishing villages with romantic-sounding names like Vale de Lobo, Quarteira, Falésia, Oura, and Sao Rafael. We revel in the freedom a campervan holiday rental brings.

Each one is a temptation on its own, with many delightful camping spots. On occasions, minor roads link these near the coastline. The evening is drawing in by the time we reach Albufeira, a distance of 45 kilometres (30 miles) from Faro as the crow flies, which we did not. We decide to spend two nights here, so we have a day to spend on the beach.

Beach at Albufeira. Coast near Faro Portugal
Beach at Albufeira. Wikimedia: Ekitaura / CC BY-SA 3.0

A Day on the Road to Portimão

Coast near Faro Portugal.Praia da Rocha, Portimão
Praia da Rocha, Portimão; Steven Fruitsmaak / CC BY-SA 3.0

We happily spend a day traveling from Albufeira to Portimão 40 kilometres (25 miles) away. This is a larger settlement with a ‘French Riviera’ feel to it. But once again, little fishing villages tempt us, and there are many of them. We are particularly delighted by the white sands and rocky cliffs of Praia da Rocha, which we declare the loveliest of them all.

We travelled onwards along the coast near Faro Portugal to Portimão the following day. This was once the heart of Portugal’s shipbuilding industry, from where caravel sailing ships departed to discover new worlds. But alas, we have run out of time. The following morning we head east for Faro Airport where we return our rental campervan. The busy airport seems light years away from our lovely Praia da Rocha beach.

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