Reasons to Rent a Bicycle When Exploring a New City

There are a lot of ways to explore a city – from bus tours to taxi cabs to rental cars to walking. However, one of the very best ways is on two wheels and your own pedal power. Riding a bike offers you a way to get around your destination city in the most fun and efficient way.

Exploring Cities by Bike

Of course, some cities aren’t too bike friendly – they are crowded, have too many hills or have poorly maintained roads. However, in a city that is bike friendly exploring on a bicycle is your best bet. Here are some of the reasons why you should try exploring cities by bike.

Why You Should Try Exploring Cities by Bike

You’ll Cover More Ground Than Walking

You could try to do all of your sightseeing by walking, but you won’t get nearly as far as you would on a bike. When you are cycling around the city you’ll be able to get from one attraction to the next in a matter of minutes, without getting sore feet from pounding the pavement.

But You’ll See More Than on a Bus Tour

When you are on a bike you are seeing the city at street level, taking in so much more than you would from the windows of a tour bus. You’ll ride past the local shops, smell the street food cooking, see the people close up and be able to take in every detail of what is around you.

You’re On Your Own Schedule

If you are relying on public transit to get around the city you’ll have to wait for buses or subways and adapt your plans to their schedule. When you have your own bike you can simply jump on the saddle and go whenever you are ready. You can make your own schedule for exploring the city and waste less time waiting around.


It’s a Great Workout

Exploring on a bike has another big advantage – you’re sightseeing and burning calories at the same time. Riding a bike is a great cardiovascular workout as well as building muscles in your legs and core. All of that exercise means that you can indulge guilt free in the delicious local cuisine.

It’s Great for the Environment

A bike is an eco-friendly way to get around, requiring no fuel and making no emissions. It’s a beautiful world out there and if we want to keep it lush and green for future generations it’s important to consider the environment.

It’s Cheap

Taking taxis everywhere can really add up, especially in some cities. Taking public transit is a little bit cheaper but still an expense. However, most cities offer affordable full day or multi-day bike tour options. Also, some cities have bike programs that allow you to pick up a bike at a checkpoint, ride it around and then drop it off at any other checkpoint and only pay for the time you used. Either way, it’s a cost effective way to enjoy unlimited transport on your trip.

Exploring Cities by Bike

So, go exploring cities by bike on your next city break?

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