Exploring Australia’s East Coast: Packing the Essentials

If Australia has been on your bucket list for God knows how long, you should definitely start planning your trip ASAP, because it’s about time you explored this magnificent country and its beauties. Travellers from all over the globe simply adore Australia’s East Coast which basically includes the 4000km between Melbourne and Cairns – a space rich in natural wonders, breathtaking beaches, and vibrant scenery. Just stay with us and keep on reading, because we have four useful packing tips for you. Check them out and enjoy your trip!

Exploring Australia’s East Coast – Packing the Essentials

Appropriate clothes for Australian weather are an absolute must…

The most important thing you should bear in mind before you hit the road is the Australian weather, simply because its seasons are opposite to those in the Southern Hemisphere. This is why you need appropriate clothes made of lightweight fabrics like cotton and linen, especially during the hottest season. Jeans and shorts are also a must, as well as light jackets and hoodies you’ll need in the evening. Swimwear is also obligatory, since Australian summers are extremely hot – and Australia’s East Coast is well-known for its fabulous beaches you mustn’t miss!

As well as comfortable shoes

Yesterday's romp in the snow took care of cleaning the mud off my hiking boots, Australia's East Coast
Yesterday’s romp in the snow took care of cleaning the mud off my hiking boots.

Apart from appropriate clothes; you also have to have at least two pairs of comfortable shoes in your bag or backpack. A pair of hiking boots is highly required if you want to explore all those natural wonders and secluded corners of Australia’s East Coast first-hand, so be sure to get comfortable ones for your upcoming adventures. Athletic shoes are also a must, particularly because the athleisure trend is on the rise in the fashion industry. Aside from being extremely comfy, they’re really trendy as well, so you can look stylish without compromising your comfort. You’ll also need a pair of sandals and flip-flops, and you’re good to go!

Don’t forget your trusty travel-friendly gadgets

Gadgets and all kinds of small electronic devices are no longer a luxury; they’re a bare necessity, particularly when you travel and want to properly keep track of everything or stay entertained on a flight. You can always have a lightweight laptop or a tablet by your side, as well as your smartphone and a portable charger. Headphones are also essential, but don’t worry if you forget them at home, because you can get quality headphones in Australia at really fantastic prices. When you’ve got all of these, just be sure you have a universal travel adapter too, and you’ll be more than fine.

Make sure that your toiletry bag is packed with good products

Sunset over Pyramid Rock, Girraween national Park on NSW/QLD Border, Australia's East Coast
Sunset over Pyramid Rock, Girraween national Park on NSW/QLD Border: Photo on Flickr by Mark Wassell / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

As for your toiletry bag, apart from a tooth brush, tooth paste, and a body wash, there should also be a sunscreen in there because you need to properly protect your skin from the harmful rays. SPF 50 is the best choice, since Australian summers can be really harsh. When talking about your skincare routine, a moisturiser is more than necessary – your skin needs as much hydration as possible, especially after a long flight. A dry shampoo can also be quite helpful, since it can make your hair look, feel, and smell fresh and clean between two washes.

As you can see, getting ready for your Australian trip can’t be any easier; just be sure you stick to our tips and you won’t make a mistake. Once you’re all packed, the last thing left is to enjoy your trip to the East Coast and make some amazing memories!

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