Exploring Australia on Foot: How to Do It in One Go

As vivid as it is, Australia goes way beyond the Sydney Opera House as its best-known landmark. The most thorough way of discovering it is exploring Australia on foot, but before you plan your first walking track, here is what you need to do to cover all the bases.

Tips on Exploring Australia on Foot

Modern Australia – the urban society

To get to know Australia for what it is today, you have to get familiar with its major urban areas. Seeing that you are a tourist, you have eight capitals on your plate, with each one unique in its own right. Taste the culture, the world of business, the lifestyle and the way they intertwine with the vivid nature surrounding them. The many walking tracks through and around each of these cities will give you a powerful insight.

The ancient history – the Aboriginal society

Learn about the mystery of the continent and those who have walked this ground tens of thousands of years before the first Europeans set foot on it. Go on a pilgrimage around this beautiful country and pay your homage to Aboriginal sacred sites. Walk the desert through Uluṟu–Kata Tjuṯa National Park, NT and find out why these incredible red rocks mean so much to the indigenous tribes. Visit the Kakadu National Park, NT and the Kimberley region in WA. Go on many walking tracks around Melbourne and Adelaide and visit their museums. Pretty much anywhere you go into nature, you will be able to come across marks of Aboriginal people.

Kakadu National Park Yellow River. Exploring Australia on Foot
Yellow River, Kakadu National Park

The recent history – European settlers

Discover the more recent history of Australia, dating some, roughly 250 years back, by visiting historical settlements of the first European visitors to the continent. Visit the “firsts” by taking a walking tour around Batemans Bay and its national park. Visit Elizabeth farm when you are in Sydney area. Do not forget to go to the beautiful coastal town of Albany which was not only the first European settlement in WA but also the last stop of many Australian soldiers setting off to fight in the WWI. It is also the starting point (or ending point) of the great Bibbulmun Track which will lead you straight into Perth area.

View of Lake Seppings from Mount Clarence in Albany, Western Australia. Exploring Australia on Foot
View of Lake Seppings from Mount Clarence in Albany, Western Australia

Nature and wildlife

One thing truly beautiful about this country is its incredibly vivid nature and the variety of terrain. This is further complemented by its wildlife. Everywhere you go, you will be able to see something you have never seen before. If you are interested in seeing everything at once, you can visit Australia Zoo, the legacy of Steve Irwin. Also, walk through its many rainforests, dive into its waters, climb its mountain tops. Try every walking track in Tasmania, this land will leave you speechless.

Lake St Clair, Overland Track, Tasmania, Australia. Exploring Australia on Foot
Lake St Clair, Overland Track, Tasmania

Where to get the time?

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world. A portion of it is uninhabited, but it still makes up an important part of it. A couple of weeks of a holiday will not get you far, not even by car, let alone if you do most of your exploration on foot. Depending on the country you are from, Withstand immigration lawyers suggest applying for one of the visas available under Working Holiday Maker Program. The visas will enable you to take on short-term jobs and stay in Australia for 12 months. Certain regional authorities may even allow you another 12 months of extension. You will have plenty of time and resources to turn all the major rocks.

Make this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, truly worth your while, by getting to feel the sole exploring Australia on foot.

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