Explore Scotland in Unique Ways

They say the journey is just as important as the destination, now with these great ways to travel it is!  Here’s how you can explore Scotland in unique ways and have a vibrant adventure.

Explore Scotland in unique ways. Linn o'Dee
Linn o’Dee ©MDHarding

How to Explore Scotland in Unique Ways

Classic Car

Have you ever considered travelling in a vintage car? This beautiful Morgan constructed by hand in the UK can be rented by the day or longer to enjoy a bespoke adventure with High Spirits Tours. I had the romantic notion of capturing the moment something along the lines of Audrey Hepburn in the chocolate TV commercial. It was so much fun! Exploring the area of Deeside (featuring castles including Balmoral Castle, whisky and of course great food too!), a crisp blue sky, the autumnal hues and of course the light breeze through my hair. Although I’m not a car expert, the suspension was much better than I had anticipated. The seats were very comfortable and if it’s a brisk Scottish day, there is even a small heater! So you can enjoy the grand open views with the top down and still be warm.

This classic car is perfect for those special occasions, a romantic getaway or for a couple of car enthusiasts. Where will you travel in style with “Morag the Morgan”? The North Coast 500, Fife’s Coastal Route with its pretty fishing villages or perhaps the U.K’s highest main road from Perth through the Cairngorm’s National Park to Aberdeen on the Deeside Route.

Hot Air Balloon

There are a few companies that offer incredible hot air balloon trips for you to explore Scotland in unique ways. We travelled with Virgin Experiences up, up and away to dizzy heights over Perth and Doune. The views just go on and on. When coming back down to earth you don’t have to come down with a bump. Stay afloat with the refreshing glass of after bubbles.

Hot Air Balloon over Perth, Scotland. Explore Scotland in unique ways
Hot Air Balloon over Perth, Scotland ©MDHarding


You might be thinking that a motorhome is nothing new but have you tried a Spaceship Campervan? The new age motorhome is ideal for travelling on the small roads of the Scottish Islands and also for the North Coast 500. Every time I think of our trip in this bijou motorhome, I laugh with the great memories we have created. On the first occasion, my over 6ft tall husband seen it, his reaction was priceless and again on our first evening in the cosy interior. We would travel again with a Spaceship campervan, in a minute! We loved it! The size of the van was perfect for navigating not only the small roads but also allowing us to park in some beautiful locations, that those larger vehicles would struggle with.

Explore Scotland in unique ways. Motorhoming in Scotland.
Motorhoming in Scotland. ©MDHarding

What form will your next journey take? Until next time..Happy Travels:) x

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