Post Grad Adventure: Let’s Get Tropical on Exotic Fiji Islands

You are officially done with school? Wow, congratulations! Pat yourself on the back, you deserve all the praise! And now you need to treat yourself. After all, graduating is quite an achievement and not many people get to experience it. Therefore, you have to find yourself a unique, post grad adventure, one that will forever stay in your memory! And what better spot for that than the South Pacific, to be more precise – the exotic Fiji Islands?

Tropical Adventure on the Exotic Fiji Islands

Fiji 101

Fiji is a country that belongs to the South Pacific. It is an archipelago, a heavenly place made of islands, which is perfect for all of those who live life with gusto! Fiji is facing Tonga to the east and Vanuatu to the west. It has a total of 333 islands with only 110 permanently inhabited. And oh boy can you have fun there! This region offers all the features required for a dream, post grad adventure. You get to enjoy white sandy beaches, pristine nature, sparkling turquoise waters and lush greenery along with some untouched rainforests. And these are just some of the great things in Fiji.

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Exotic Fiji Beach

How to get there

Let’s see how exactly can you get to the exotic Fiji islands. Of course, flying is an option. Actually, you will almost certainly fly to Fiji. Do know that it will take you about 10 hours to reach Fiji if you start your journey from the US (LA to Fiji flight). Nadi International Airport is your destination in Fiji. If you’re arriving from New Zealand or Australia, it will take you 3 to 4 hours to get to Fiji. Getting to Fiji by a boat is also possible, but you’ll have to reach Australia first.

Now, considering that you may not want all the mumbo jumbo that comes with ticket booking and planning an itinerary, you could take a look at what the ever popular Unleashed Grad Trips have to offer. These guys have it all planned out for you and you’ll get to visit exotic places with people of your age who are more than ready to have tons of fun. Vacation memories mean nothing if you don’t get to meet and party with someone while you’re there.

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Photo by Artem Bali from Pexels

Exotic places in Fiji

Considering how beautiful are islands which make Fiji, it was really hard to narrow down a few. Still, do know that these are handpicked. For example, there is an island called Castaway Island. It is an iconic Fijian seaside escape, which also goes by the name of Qalito, and its palms, crystal clear waters and bleach-white sand galore will make you stand in awe. You can relax, swim, snorkel and even party there since there are resorts which offer that. You name it, Castaway Island has it all when it comes to vacationing.

Beach Burre ,Fiji, island, huts. exotic Fiji Islands
Beach Burre in Fiji

Next up is Malolo Lailai Island. This island also sits in the stunning Mamanucas and it takes pride in its wide variety of resorts. However, let’s focus on Plantation Island Resort. This place is designed for fun. It has a large arsenal of water sports gear to rent which include Hobie Cats, canoes, windsurfers and banana boats. Oh, and if you go for this island, you’ll see what real partying looks like. Nightlife can be really lit here. Finally, there’s Kadavu Island. Many consider this place to be Fiji’s forgotten corner. However, this southern island is a remote outpost of lush forest, winding rivers, untouched beaches and some rustic Fijian villages. Oh, it’s also popular for its Great Astrolabe Reef. This is one of the largest and healthiest coral reefs in the world. Sounds interesting? It surely does.

Meeting cultures

Considering that Fiji now hosts thousands and thousands of tourists every year, this is your chance to meet both the natives and the foreigners. You can also make a positive impact by supporting Fiji’s sustainable development and community projects. Therefore, you can visit as a tourist but you can also do some good work that will help the locals. And you’ll have fun. That is guaranteed.

Lali,Fiji Wooden Split Drum,ceremony, drums, fiji, locals. exotic Fiji Islands
Lali – Fiji Wooden Split Drum


Life is nothing without travelling. If you decide to visit the exotic Fiji islands, you’ll have the time of your life here and memories that will stay forever.

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