European Cycling Tour: Most Beautiful Routes

Cycling is a wonderful hobby in itself because it provides us with the unique opportunity of taking our exercise on the road – literally. When interest grows enough, one might get inspired to take on something more challenging, longer route. Whether you’re planning on doing it old-school, or taking the high tech approach, you’re bound to have an exciting trip. Luckily, Europe has an abundance of biking routes that go around some of the most beautiful landscapes known to man; which can make the long haul pay off in ways we never could have imagined. When opting for a European cycling tour, there are several prime options to consider; mostly based on your budget and preference, and it even can be ideal for family vacations.

European Cycling Tour
Cycle tour scenery – Danube. Flickr: stefan m / CC BY-ND 2.0

European Cycling Tour Scenic Ride

The Danube

Danube Canal. Flickr: ANBerlin / CC BY-ND 2.0

One of the most popular rivers in Europe, the Danube ride guides riders through Austria, Germany, Slovakia, and Hungary, not necessarily in that order. The beautiful thing about the ride is that the Danube has no hills to speak off, there are no “difficult” areas. The entire European cycling tour consists of following the river’s edge via paved paths through the European countryside, providing both interesting scenery and resting opportunities everywhere. The trip consists of passing by breathtaking monasteries, quaint Eastern European countrysides and one of the gems of Europe itself – Vienna.


Santorini, Greece, European Cycling Tour
Santorini, Greece

Greece has always been a tourist attraction for its history, architecture, and culture. In recent times, it has also been reeling in a substantial number of cyclists from around the world. The pathing provided by Cycle Greece greatly utilized the mainland of Greece, focusing on the country’s staggering landscapes littered with ruins of the classical world. Going through locales containing ruins such as Mycenae, the polis Epidavros and even Olympic grounds themselves, this trip takes riders on more than one kind of journey and is definitely a must for any history nerd out there.


barcelona, Street, European Cycling Tour
Barcelona Street Scene Dennis van den Worm

Spain’s landscape is very different than many of the others that you might find. With places like the Sierra Nevada Park, mountain bikers are given their very own playground littered with long gravelly trails. All the routes have guides and provide constant support to people in need; so you’re far from being left on your own. With one of the most beautiful landscapes in Spain, this route is sure to leave you stunned. Winding roads, untouched mountain paths and a generally benign weather make this experience one of the best you’ll ever have.

Ascending the Alps

Speaking of, if mountains are more your forte, then look no further than the Alps and the Pyrenees in France. These routes offer a unique first-hand look at some of the climbs that the Tour De France riders have to face. These journeys take anything from a couple of days to a week and a half to finish; and give off an isolated feel that is hard to explain. The scenery is gorgeous with clouds enveloping the snow-covered mountain tops. This is complemented by the lack of serious traffic on the route, leaving riders with nothing but the wind to listen to – perfect.

A trip to Moscow

European Cycling Tour

If that’s still not enough, there is one extreme option for those looking for a challenge above all else. The route takes riders from France into the cold reaches of Moscow itself. Be warned, however speechless this journey may leave you, it is not for the faint of heart or the ill-equipped. Before going through with it, look up quality bicycles online. Mountain bikes for sale are readily available almost everywhere and will save you the headache of having your equipment break down just about where Napoleon’s army did when they made the journey.

And many, many more

European cycling tour is a unique experience and gives riders time to enjoy the sights and test their bodies at the same time. These experiences offer a much more personal way of experiencing other countries, their culture, the landscape and travel in general. There is a plethora of other paths beside these, both supervised and unsupervised; providing each and every person with something that will cater to their needs. Before heading out, make sure you’re ready for what’s ahead of you and the trip is within your area of interest; and most importantly – be sure to have fun during your European cycling tour.

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