A Look at Europe’s Hidden Street Art

When you think of art in Europe, you probably imagine canvases hanging on walls and sculptures standing inside glass cabinets within prestigious art galleries such as the Louvre in Paris, the Tate Modern in London or the National Gallery in Prague. But did you know that there are hidden pieces of amazing artwork just waiting to be discovered throughout Europe’s ordinary streets?

Europe Street Art: Amazing street art in Athens, Greece
Amazing street art in Athens, Greece: Photo SpirosK / CC 2.0

Exploring Europe Street Art

If you’re visiting France, Spain or Greece sometime soon, make a note of these examples of hidden Europe street art and treat yourself to a slightly cultural and very artsy experience – all without having to pay a penny or queue up for tickets.

Europe Street Art: Pac-Man Inky street art on Rue Jacob in Paris, France
Pac-Man Inky street art on Rue Jacob in Paris, France: Photo Arvid Rudling / CC 2.0

Invaders in Paris, France

If you’re into retro 8-bit video games, you might find yourself double taking during your trip to Paris if you come across one of the many pixelated characters created by an artist simply known as ‘Invader’. There are no fewer than 1,158 of these mosaic tile creatures (from PacMan ghosts and Space Invaders to Sesame Street characters and the Pink Panther) scattered throughout the streets of Paris, most of which can be found in the Latin Quarter of the city, including on Rue Michel Le Comte, Rue Serpente and Rue Hautefeuille.

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Europe Street Art: Graffiti-covered van behind La Boqueria market in Barcelona, Spain
Graffiti-covered van behind La Boqueria market in Barcelona, Spain: Photo Jose Mesa / CC 2.0

Van graffiti in Barcelona, Spain

Whilst the fresh food La Boqueria market in Barcelona’s infamous Las Ramblas street is one of the city’s major attractions, hardly anyone knows about the portable art gallery hidden out the back. If you leave the market by the exit the traders bring their stock through, you’ll be standing face-to-face with large vans which have been sprayed from top to toe with colourful graffiti. From food-related abstract images of grapes with faces and broccoli stalks with sunglasses to the more traditional type of street graffiti with awesome typography – these vans will have you snapping away with your camera non-stop.

Loads of cruise lines depart from Barcelona for their Mediterranean itineraries. So why not head along to the free open-air art museum that is the traders’ entrance to La Boqueria market before boarding your cruise ship for a Mediterranean cruise?

Europe Street Art: Incredible street art in Psirri in Athens, Greece
Incredible street art in Psirri in Athens, Greece: Photo TheVRChris / CC 2.0

Masterpieces in Athens, Greece

It’s no hidden secret that the Greek economy is in dire straits, but instead of turning to looting and other crime like some people have done in times of crisis, creative locals in Athens decided to pick up their spray cans and turn the abandoned buildings of the city into nothing less than artistic masterpieces. Many street artists in Greece believe this is their only way of actually being able to put their political and economic points across and get their voices heard by the public. You can spot incredible pieces of street art all over the city, but especially in Exarchia, Monastiraki and Psiri.

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