Essential Travel Gadgets for Your First Road Trip

If this is your first road trip with your partner or your first road trip ever, there are more things to focus on than the technicalities. You are very likely to oversee certain things you generally take for granted. We are here to remind you of the essential travel gadgets to take on your road trip.

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Essential Travel Gadgets for Your First Road Trip


Most people start off by relying on their phones for navigation. However, a dedicated GPS device may be of more assistance. Having a GPS device will preserve your battery and will not use up the data on your phone. Also, the GPS does not depend on wi-fi or cellular signal as it contains more maps than your phone normally does. In most cases, it is faster at recalculating routes and providing traffic information. Most importantly, no one is going to call the GPS device and mess up your navigation.

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USB car charger

Speaking of navigation and smartphones, a USB charger in the car is a must. This is where you will spend most of your time. You are very likely to use your phone for music and other types of entertainment which will quickly eat up your battery. You will learn to appreciate having a way of recharging the phone while on the road.

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This is another gadget often forgotten due to the presence of a mobile phone. You can use your phone for the photos and moments you want to share with your friends instantly. On the other hand, you should use your camera to capture the amazing sites you come across on your way. A camera is more likely to make good quality photos in pretty much any conditions. Also, you can pick out of a variety of different types of cameras, including a go-pro and an instant camera for hard proof of your adventures.

Power inverter

Personal Digital reminds you to always take an inverter on the road with you. The purpose of a power inverter is to convert your cars 12V DC into 120V AC required to power any electrical devices you decide to bring along. Depending on the number of gadgets you have, this may be of great help. You will be able to plug in your laptop, and if you are not taking it along, you can at least use it for a cooler or a LED lamp.


Apart from the torch you probably always have in your trunk, having proper lighting can be essential on many occasions. You will find a headlight very useful. Use it if you need to check or repair something on your car at night and keep both of your hands free. Believe it or not, not all areas are well lit so if you have to use a toilet in nature at night, you will appreciate seeing where you are going and what you are stepping on.


Most cars cannot fit an entire fridge. Therefore, you need to take a hard cooler along. Luckily for travelers, there are coolers available in all sizes, and of all types. This also defines their price. Certain coolers can now also function as warmers. Apart from that, there are those who also come with a built-in blender, dishes, speakers etc.

Portable jump starter

This is something you should definitely have on you, to prevent a catastrophe which can be avoided. This is a small battery unit which can easily jump-start your car while you are on the road. Depending on the model you select, you can use it to charge your phone and electronics.

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Being able to go wherever you want without getting lost, eat fresh food, cool off, and have fun, while keeping yourself safe, will make this trip an enjoyable experience. Spend as much time you possibly can, talking, but also ensure you have something to entertain you during the quiet time.

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