Essential Travel Beauty Tips for Ladies on the Road

Packing for a trip is always quite a challenge, especially if you’re a woman. There are so many items you need to take with you, and of course, you can’t do it without your beauty products. But there’s limited space in your baggage and now you’re faced with a dilemma. What you need to do is prioritise and downsize, so here are some essential travel beauty tips for how to do just that.

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Top 10 Travel Beauty Tips that every Woman Should Know

1. Use travel packages

One of travel beauty tips is to buy the travel packages of the products you intend to take with you. If your brand doesn’t come in travel size, buy small containers and take some quantity from home. These small packages will save the space in your carry-on and will save you from skipping your beauty routine.

2. Moisturise

Every skin, no matter the type, needs a moisturiser. Also, the saying that beauty comes from within is not a myth, but a proven fact. So besides your hydrating crème, always carry a small sprayer to mist your face during long trips or on the go. These are perfect when you need to touch up your makeup and refresh your look instead of applying another layer of foundation and blush. And don’t forget to protect your skin from the sun, if you’re travelling to sunny destinations.

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3. Solution for oily skin

Oily skin can be a nightmare, whether you’re wearing makeup or not. It will make you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. You may think that for instance applying touches of mattifying powder will do the trick, but it will only build up one layer over another and clog the pores. The best solution is to take blotting papers with you and dab the T-zone as often as you need. These come in small packages and are an instant solution for that annoying oily skin shine.

4. Touch up your hair

There might come a time when you won’t be able to wash and dry your hair. Especially on long flights or somewhere with only the most basic hygiene conditions. There are people who may not wash their hair for days and it would still look the same as the day they washed it. But for those not as lucky there’s dry shampoo. The perfect product to mask oily hair or touch up the hairdo and the good thing is it comes in small bottles.

5. Protect your lips

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High heat and air conditioning can dry up your lips and leave them chapped. This can be painful and uncomfortable, not to mention that if not treated in time the lips can have small lesions and look as though you bite them all the time. So wear your lip balm everywhere with you, even if you have lipstick. It will not only protect your lips but can also make them shine and look glossed.

6. Take care of your eyes

Travelling can be exhausting and tiring for the eyes, making them turn red and dry. Watching movies while travelling, taking naps or dry weather are just some of the factors causing this. So you should always carry eye drops like artificial tears and keep your eyes lubricated, or you can even buy eye firming cream, to use on the skin around your eyes and step up your eye care game even more.

7. Unfortunately, mascara is a NO

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This may come as a shock since when people are talking about the bare minimum of makeup they never exclude mascara, but it can create more problems rather than be helpful. Even if waterproof, it will leave a trail beneath your eyes and on your cheeks after a while. If you can’t go with bare eyes, try Lash Blossom semi permanent eyelash extensions. Not only are they semi-permanent and will highlight your eyes, but you don’t have to do absolutely anything to them to stay perfect.

8. Look after your hands

There are several things you can do to prevent extra troubles you may have when it comes to your hands. First of all, keep them clean by frequent washing or using hand sanitizers. There’s this unhealthy custom to touch your face without thinking, and that can transfer bacteria to your skin and cause breakouts. Also, if you want to keep a clean look, use hand cream and avoid nail polish which chips easily.

9. Save money

Buying products on your travels is the easiest but can also be more of an inconvenience. If they don’t sell your brand or if you’re travelling somewhere where high-end products are expensive, you might spend more money than you’d planned or use products you haven’t tried before and that might cause allergies and rashes. So pack those cosmetics you use regularly just to make sure and save yourself some possible trouble, but you can always dabble with some DIY if you feel like it.


The best way to handle the problem of over packing is by sticking to the basics of these top 10 travel beauty tips, and that depends on the person and their needs. At first, it seems as though every product is crucial or your trip will be a disaster, but before packing the whole vanity with you, check the climate and weather conditions of the place where you’re going, as well as what you plan to do there. That might help you decide what is useful and necessary and what is obsolete and excess.

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