Essential Melbourne Attractions You Must Visit

Melbourne, Australia is one of the world’s most beautiful and exciting cities. This historic, seaside metropolis has dozens of things to offer any traveller. Its warm climate, brilliant Pacific views, as well as vibrant culture make Melbourne a can’t-miss destination. With a city with thrills this rich, planning a trip can get a little intimidating. How to take in everything over the course of a few days? What’s essential, and what are the things you can afford to skip? Let’s take a look at the essential Melbourne attractions that every traveller to Melbourne absolutely has to hit.

Mooncake Festival Fireworks, Essential Melbourne Attractions
Mooncake Festival Fireworks, Melbourne. Flickr: Chris Phutully / CC BY 2.0

Essential Melbourne Attractions


Great Ocean Road, Australia. Essential Melbourne Attractions
Great Ocean Road, Australia. Flickr: Anh Dinh FollowCC BY-NC 2.0

When you’re in Melbourne, you have vast stores of natural beauty at your fingertips. So hop in the car for a weekend getaway from Melbourne and make sure to take a look at the following:

  • Great Ocean Road. The Great Ocean Road is coastal road that takes you around some astonishing sights. Rainforests, waterfalls, museums, and hiking spots are all there for you to enjoy.
  • Yarra Valley. Like the Great Ocean Road, the Yarra Valley offers a diverse and deep range of gorgeous things, both natural and man-made.
  • The Beach. Any beach, really. You’re in Australia. You should get out and see the world’s greatest ocean from the world’s greatest views. You’ll be thankful for the memory for the rest of your life.

Food and Drink

Yarra Valley wine tour. Essential Melbourne Attractions
Yarra Valley wine tour. Flickr: Paul DX Follow / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Melbourne’s full of great dining experiences. When you’re on vacation, it’s time to eat! Whether you’re on a budget or splurging on the best foods available, you’ll find some life-changing meals. Here are some local favorites:

  • Igni. TimeOut’s 2016 Best Fine Dining winner is renowned for its variety, richness, and bold flavors. When you’re looking for the good stuff, this is where you’ll go. It’s a little outside of Melbourne, however worth the drive.
  • Street foods. When you’re strolling around town, there’s no need to head inside to get a good meal. Melbourne is renowned for its street foods, and it seems like every corner contains a truck selling world-class eats.
  • Yarra Valley Wine Tours. Australia’s wine industry is one of the world’s strongest, and you can get a taste of why on your trip. Just remember not to drive after drinking. Safety is key to a good vacation.


The Royal Exhibition Building, Essential Melbourne Attractions
The Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne. Flickr: denisbin / CC BY-ND 2.0

Melbourne also offers educational and cultural experiences that are second-to-none. Art, theater, cutting edge science and more are on display. You’ll return home from your trip wiser, more thoughtful, and with plenty to discuss around the watercooler at work. Here are a few tips:

  • The Melbourne Museum. Everyone loves the Melbourne Museum. You can catch an IMAX production, learn about local and cultural history, see real dinosaur bones, and much more. It’s kid-friendly, too!
  • Theatre. Check the local listings for upcoming productions, as they change all the time. Melbourne’s theater scene is wide-ranging, and you’ll find shows that please everyone, from the avant-garde to the most mainstream.
  • Music. Many critics cite Melbourne as Australia’s music capital. The variety and high standard of creativity and performance will satisfy any music fan with  whom you’re travelling.

Melbourne—Check it Out!

Essential Melbourne attractions are full of wonders for everyone. Whether it’s food, entertainment, or culture you’re looking for, you definitely need to put this world-class city on your list of places to check out soon.

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